The Treasure in the Forest Essay

August 19, 2017 General Studies

I remember when I was a child my friends and I rather frequently went to the wood. There was fresh air. we could hear vocals of the birds or the haste of H2O. There we had a clear infinite among the trees where we fried murphies and sausages. It was the terminal of August. It was precisely the fish season. My best friend and I went to our favourite topographic point which was near the route. There were private houses across the route. It was a fantastic twenty-four hours and the Sun was near the zenith. The thought came to our head to take a walk at that place every bit usual.

This topographic point was non far off from our houses. We thought that there was nil to worry about and nil could go on to us. We went down to the river from the hill. There was sweet H2O which flowed from the mountains. To traverse that river we had to mount and creep on the large tree. This tree was some sort of a span which joined one side of the land with the other side. If person looked at the H2O he could fall down. There was a really strong watercourse ( ïîòîê âîäû ) . There was a bubbling groin on the side of the watercourse. It was an escapade for us.

Equally shortly as we crossed the river we walked along it to the hill. Great workss grew among the roots of the large trees and spread rosettes of green fans. When the air current blew the foliages were singing on the trees. The blotchy Fungi and moss extended through the roots of the trees. The Fungis were different sizes and colour. The moss was so soft. that if you lie on it you would experience a soft pillow under you. The honeysuckle was ripe on the shrubs. Then I saw some adult male who was garnering something. possibly some mushrooms. I told my friend about it.

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But in some seconds I couldn’t see him. I was worried. Then we saw some metallic tubings which subsequently became a span for us. There were some dead fishes. Some people caught them and took the caviar for personal demands and so throw it into the river. While we were traversing the river my friend turned and saw behind me that adult male. She did non demo that she was scared and suggested playing catch-up ( ïîèãðàåì â äîãîíÿëêè ) . When we were rather far off from that topographic point my friend told me why she had suggested me playing that game. After that state of affairs we ne’er came to that topographic point once more.


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