The True Believer Book Report Essay

By July 25, 2017 Psychology

“How could the terrorists have sacrificed their ain lives. and taken the lives of 1000s of others every bit good as doing such colossal devastation? What could take them to warrant in their ain heads perpetrating mass atrociousnesss? This goes far beyond a argument over spiritual beliefs. to the really bosom of human nature: what allows certain people to
override any sense of community with their fellow human existences. and wilfully do decease and devastation for the interest of a higher cause”

The above inquiries are stated by Dr. Timothy J. Madigan in one of his Hagiographas as a contemplation to the “The True Believer” book of Eric Hoffer while analysing the September 11. 2001 onslaught in the United States of America by those who believe as terrorist who can besides be called themselves reformers. jehad followings. fiends or True Believers.

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The True Believer: Ideas on the Nature on Mass Movements is the first book of Eric Hoffer and considered as his most successful manuscript. It is so published and reached the crowd in 1951. A subsister of visually impairment during his childhood yearss. orphaned at an early age and one time a veteran of Pearl Harbor. he called himself a stevedore philosopher instead than rational writer.

He has the endowment and passion in composing that makes him to lend more than ten books with a million volumes in the circulation. all of which are considered authoritative in Social Psychology. He achieves both tremendous acknowledgment and just portion of unfavorable judgments and judgements from the readers and bibliophile during his clip. A deist and a true lover of freedom. Eric Hoffer is given due award and grasp by the President of United States Ronald Reagan. and receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February 1983. three months merely before he passed off.

The book The True Believer: Ideas on the Nature on Mass Movements states the beginning of true trusters. demonstrates Fanaticism. exhibits analysis of the psychological science of mass motions. and examines the correspondence of mass motions on early Christianism. Nationalism. Communism. modern twenty-four hours rebellions and even panic onslaughts. It successfully evaluates curious motions. specifically aggregate motions whether it is societal revolutions. civil war. coup‘d etat. religious’ campaigns and politically motivated motions.

It tells that a individual is said to be a True Believer when this person stresses his belief and can release his keen eccentricity by showing his ain individuality even for a violent cause. Eric shows in the book how people holding the same province of head. same types of head relate with each other and form unusual norm of practising their beliefs together as fiends of something their passionately believe in one manner or another. He believes that True Believers portion the same thought and thoughts irregardless of its content. purpose and motivations.

Eric Hoffer says. “The overzealous is perpetually uncomplete and insecure. He can non bring forth confidence out of his single resources or out of his rejected ego. but finds it merely by cleaving passionately to whatever support he happens to encompass. This passionate fond regard is the kernel of his blind devotedness and religionism. and he sees in it the beginning of all virtuousness and strength. He easy sees himself as the protagonist and guardian of the sanctum cause to which he clings. And he is ready to give his life. ”

If a adult male suffers from great depression. Oklahoman or subsequently he will see fire out and subsequently draw a bead on sudden alterations in life to predominate over the quandary he has. and this desire for the passage depends upon the ideal which a adult male takes to believe in and battle for. A good purpose might stop up bad consequences. On the other manus. bad motivations might be given just judgements. Although it can easy be understood by most normal people. still. there are some cases that the effect of anything a adult male does is sometimes more atrocious to recognize ; furthermore. if it interest person else’s lives other than him entirely.

Religious patterns are slightly overdone somehow. The rule of good versus evil sometimes makes the individual confused that will be given to pattern incorrect instructions. in which some cases even the most kind-hearted church member roast his ain colleagues’ follies. in conformity to his criterion or the church he belongs set and preach. It is all in the credence of a adult male to take the bravery of leveling his belief. No 1 is perfect to separate right from incorrect. false from truth. immorality from good. or even cognizing the heterosexual or swerve way. No one even the true truster themselves.

The challenge now is how each one of us will contend against the True Believers and their incorrect behaviors. It will be easy achieved by people who are cautious. independent. loves freedom of look in a silent and non in a provocative mode. and pattern individuality freely. Most of all. the courage to get the better of fanatism and True Believers is by larning to indispose himself from his leader and disposition.


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