The U.S. Army

May 19, 2019 Human Resources

The U.S. Army is a great organization and is even more dignified through designation as a Profession of Arms. Every great organization has an even greater human resources management as the cornerstone of operations. In the Army, Profession of Arms, the human resources management leaders are Human Resources Sergeants. Human Resources Sergeants help manage the greatest assets of the Army as a Profession of Arms.

All organizations generally have three primary types of assets divided among physical capital, financial capital and human capital. Physical capital such as property and equipment is expertly managed in the Army by Supply Sergeants, expertly trained and titled 92Y. Army financial capital is any monetary asset, accounted for by comptrollers and qualified 36B, Financial Management Sergeants. Human capital is the Army’s greatest asset, with an all-volunteer force of Soldiers. These Soldiers rely heavily on the mid-grade non commission officer human resources leaders for personnel and pay actions. Management of the greatest asset in the Army distinguishes the Human Resources Sergeant as gravely vital to the Army Profession. The Human Resources Sergeant’s role in the Army Profession is critical to sustaining the Army as a Profession of Arms, responsible for balancing the profession’s leaders and upholds the Army’s professional culture policy implementation.

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