The United Nations Ability To Counter Terrorism International Law Essay

July 14, 2017 Law

Indisputably, terrorist act is a menace to universe peace. As it thrives in a universe of ours where misdemeanor of human rights, cultural and spiritual favoritism, lifting force and socio-economic marginalisation are really much in pattern, it has succeeded in ignoring value of human lives, addition force and struggles and present a serious menace to freedom and peace in the universe at big. Statistically, it is apparent that no state of the universe is exceeding to terrorist onslaughts[ 1 ]. As Pius Odiaka writes in the Guardian Newspaper, Friday, July 29th, 2005, that “ No portion of the universe has been left without terrorist bloodshed. From Kenya, Algeria, Egypt in Africa to many states in the in-between East and the Gulf, Indonesia, Philippine, Pakistan and India across Asia, Washington and New York in America, Spain and now London in Europe, many guiltless psyches have been sniffed out of being. ”[ 2 ]

Surely terrorist act is widely recognized across the universe as the worst menace to mankind, which has compelled the states to pass 1000000s of dollars griping up their security. However even amidst this apparently tight security, 1000s of guiltless psyches continue to free their lives to the menace of panic. We now live in the universe characterized by lifting force and struggles which has led to turning misgiving, fright, division and poses a serious menace to international peace and security.[ 3 ]

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Alone Position United Nations To Counter Terrorism

In the wake of the 9/11 onslaughts on the US, there has been broad dispersed argument on how to response to panic. Even about by definition the terrorist act in the present signifier can non be fought by few provinces in isolation. It is acquiring widely accepted now that the battle against panic has to planetary that encompasses as many political entities as possible. Every construction or organisation involved in the battle against terrorist act has to be collaborated.[ 4 ]In words of Jane Boulden and Thomas G. Weiss, aa‚¬A“Gobal nature of the menace implies the necessity of the planetary responseaa‚¬A? .

United Nations for two intents has ever been in the ideal place to take on the cosmopolitan job of panic. One its chief intent of keeping international peace and security is straight marginalized by the terrorist Acts of the Apostless around the universe and therefore it can non maintain avoiding the job as in the yesteryear for a really long clip. Second it is possibly the lone universe organic structure with it wide base range that is unambiguously placed to further international and regional cooperation to contend against terrorist act.

While the pressing demand for planetary battle against terrorist act has merely come to the head after the 9/11 but an appropriate response to the sporadic terrorist incident around the universe has been felt for a long clip. In this respect while United Nations ever showed concern to terrorist act but has seldom been able to take some effectual actions. The biggest challenge all these old ages has been to specify terrorist act in the aftermath aa‚¬A“my freedom combatant is your terroristaa‚¬A? environment bing during all of import declarations of the United Nations in countering terrorist act.[ 5 ]To exemplify the point is the most publicised dissension about who is or is non a terrorist today arises out of the Palestinian Israeli struggle. While the Arab states recognize the battle for freedom of the Palestinian people and Israel as perpetrating atrociousnesss rather in contrast Israel sees these freedom combatants as the terrorist. Under such confusion and dissensions, the bill of exchange pact specifying terrorist act drawn in 1934 ne’er came in to coerce. Subsequently the General Assembly in 1972 first defined international terrorist act as a distinguishable job in the aftermath of several major incidents notably was the violent death of Israeli jocks at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.[ 6 ]While any concrete attempt to counter the menace have ever been marginalized by those favoring the rights of national release motions contending against colonial governments and other signifiers of external domination, United Nations though in an ideal place to counter the menace in the nascent phases could non lend to the cause more than the lip service during assorted tragic incidents.

United Nations Ability to Help Member States

Even in the absence of definition of terrorist act and a clear scheme the United Nations has been taking concrete stairss to turn to the menace of terrorist act and assist Member States to counter this flagellum.[ 7 ]Some of the stairss taken by United Nations to help member provinces to contend the meance are enumerated as under: –

Universal Condemnation of Terrorism. United Nations serves as a alone planetary forum that provides the highest degree of cosmopolitan legitimacy for Member States to direct a incorporate, clear, principled and changeless message that terrorist act is unacceptable no affair who commits it and for whatever ground[ 8 ]. Member States and the United Nations as a whole have ever condemned all Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act across the Earth.

Making Global Legal Foundations. One of the important accomplishments of the United Nations has been the constitution of a government of international pacts and conventions. It is these international pacts that provide the legal model for the suppression of terrorist Acts of the Apostless and the chase of culprits of terrorist act, and set out ways to restrict illicit entree to the tools terrorists need[ 9 ]. United Nations had 11 conventions in topographic point to contend terrorist act even before the incident of 9/1.

Addressing the Conditions Conducive to the Spread of Terrorism. While this facet is particularly highlighted in the Global Counter Terrorism Strategy but the wide frame work by its overall attempts to advance peace, security, sustainable development, human rights and the regulation of jurisprudence by itself works towards long term extenuation of the job[ 10 ].

Strengthening Nation Capacity To Counter Terrorism. While the major international conventions and Security Council declarations against terrorist act create duties for provinces, United Nations through assorted offices and bureaus provide aid for provinces in order to carry through those duties separately every bit good as jointly. In this respect the undermentioned offices of United Nations are worthy of reference[ 11 ]: –

United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP ) . Provides aid to Member States through its offices established in over 166 states with practical advice on beef uping the regulation of jurisprudence and advancing good administration.

Department of Peacekeeping Operations ( DPKO ) . Provides aid to states emerging from struggles with preparation of their national constabulary force.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) . It promotes spiritual and cultural tolerance through its educational aid work to Member States.

International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) and World Bank. Provide practical aid to member provinces to counter money laundering and terrorism-financing.

International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) and International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) . These organisations work with province governments to beef up transport security for both people and goods.

International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ) . The work of IAEA includes beef uping province capacity to forestall terrorists from geting atomic, biological, chemical or radiological stuffs and guaranting readiness for an onslaught against usage of such stuffs.


In the visible radiation of above capablenesss, it is clear that United Nations is most suitable to contend the planetary spread of terrorist act non merely due to the grave danger it poses to universe peace and security but besides United Nations has a cosmopolitan entreaty to organize planetary attempt to get the better of terrorist act. Therefore any single war on panic by the accomplished provinces demands to be coordinated at the overall cosmopolitan attempt since the beginning of the terrorist activities are surely conceived in the another or targeted province. There is underlying demand to supply full support to the universe organic structure by the member provinces in taking the battle and any differences in specifying the terrorist act should be worked out so that the attempts are non marginalized.


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