The Use of Literary Techniques in Elie Wiesel’s “Night” Essay Sample

July 20, 2017 Communication

In Elie Wiesel’s memoir “Night” . Wiesel Tells of his dismaying experience in a Nazi concentration cantonment as a male child of 15. Deported by the Nazis. Wiesel and his household were transported in cattle autos to Auschwitz where he and his male parent were separated from his female parent and sister. who they ne’er saw once more. At this point he starts his tormenting journey into the panic of the holocaust. In portraying his narrative. Wiesel uses a assortment of literary devices including prefiguration. poetic linguistic communication. and a first individual position to assist capture the impact of his journey.

In “Night” . Wiesel uses the techniques of boding to prosecute the reader and to construct a feeling of apprehension and desperation. In the beginning of the book. Moshe the Beadle instantly foreshadows the problem that is traveling to bechance the Jews. He had been deported for being a foreign Jew and he experienced all the immoralities of the concentration cantonments before get awaying. Moshe the Beadle warns the townsfolk of the immediate danger that they face. but the townspeople take him for loony and commiseration him. The 2nd happening takes topographic point in chapter 1 of the book when Elie says. “Poor Father! Of what so did you decease? ” The reader knows that his male parent will decease. but needs to larn where and how his decease will happen. Later. Wiesel Tells of Madame Schachter. a adult female aboard a cattle auto that continually screams “Fire! Expression at the fires! ” She. like Moshe. is warning the Jews of the crematory in their hereafter. Even though the work forces and the adult females aboard the cowss auto want to believe that she is merely brainsick. portion of each of them now is scared of what lies in front. Wiesel uses boding efficaciously both to construct a sense of impending day of reckoning the characters are shortly to face.

Wiesel besides incorporates the usage of poetic linguistic communication to add elegance to his narrative. In one case Wiesel provinces. “The universe was a cattle auto hermetically sealed. ” This metaphor illustrates how the Jews had been isolated from the remainder of the universe. and could anticipate no deliverance. The sense of isolation is blunt. In another instance. Wiesel affirms. “There remained merely a form that looked like me. A dark fire had entered into my psyche and devoured it. ” This metaphor explains how dehumanising the induction into concentration cantonment life was by poetically comparing it to holding his psyche devoured. In the 3rd case. Wiesel declares. “That dark the soup tasted like cadavers. ” This individual sentence sums up the inexorable temper he. every bit good as everyone else. was sing after witnessing two work forces and a male child being hanged. These poetic illustrations play a critical function in demoing that though evil permeated their lives. they continued with the everyday Acts of the Apostless of day-to-day life.

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Finally. Wiesel uses the first individual point of position to make an intensely personal yet detached narrative. He recalls the most barbarous workss and hideous sights through the eyes of a teenage male child and relates them in a prosaic mode. This clear presentation of evil renders his narrative credible. Great Acts of the Apostless of immoralities such as the hanging of the immature male child contrast with the mundane life of Elie and his male parent. Wiesel describes a upseting violent death of a Jew. and so state how the captives ate snow off the jacket of the individual in forepart of them while waiting for a cattle auto.

Wiesel wrote a short book with great emotional power. He used the literary devices of boding. poetic linguistic communication. and a first individual point of position to increase the emotional strength of its narrative. Wiesel. himself. has become celebrated across the Earth. non merely for his book. but besides to for raising consciousness of what genuinely occurred during World War II in the concentration cantonments. Wiesel truly was able to capture his experience during the Holocaust and depict it in a singular. powerful manner.


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