The Use of Personal Pronouns and Emotional Language

May 13, 2018 Physics

The main aim of academic writing is to inform and not entertain like creative writing. Both academic writer and academic readers have no time to be entertained but they rush for useful information they are looking for. Moreover, academic writing is relatively formal. In general this means that in an essay you should avoid personal pronouns and emotional language. I partly agree with this view. Some evidence will be given to support my view in this essay.

The most important reason is that person pronounces only present individual perspectives rather than thoroughly academic perspectives, which require to show general pictures regarding the topics. For example, all of us would notice that in high school physics, the standard 60 degrees water can be felt as 30 degrees as well as 70 degrees, which shows exactly how different the abilities of people’s recognition. Therefore, personal may mislead the audiences to get the wrong outcomes.

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Moreover, Coffin & Hewing (2003) mentioned that “an important aspect distinguishing academic writing in different disciplines is the choice of register and particularly the choice of certain vocabulary. ” In addition, some academic words are used in the specific areas, which can show article’s preferable professional and authority. Some economical article, for instance, like economists often use professional economic words to demonstrate an financial events, which creative a sense of authority while boosting an reliability for readers.

Consequently, using person pronounces, in some extent, jeopardize academic article accurate and professional, even making reader misunderstand so as to have wrong impression. Secondly, in term of emotional language, it is apparent that emotional words re especially for literature expression. However, in academic realm, solid scientific facts, based on researches and experiments, are in prior, moreover, Farrell (1997) argues that “school literacy in most English-speaking countries is a highly specialized discourse” and ” it is objective, analytical and sequential”.

Thus, in this case, “essays must be “sequential, or organized” in a linear and coordinated way that contributes to the reader’s perception of symmetry, order, and logical thinking’. (Ha 2009 puppy-146) Emotional language is always considered as inaccurate and not exact. For example, in French writer, Margaret Durra’ novel, she described a blue sky as purple, yellow to demonstrate her gloomy emotions, which is not based on science and not reasonable to ordinary situations.

In consequence, emotional language lack of scientific facts support, not sufficiently convincing. To some extent, the writer needs to make his or her own point view, which can be seen as the theme of the whole writing piece. We all know that writing is also a way to express one’s self; so the unique period of knowledge recessing cannot be dismissed since all the coding and decoding sessions are relied on individual experience and knowledge arrangements.

Ha (2009, 134-146) supports that “successful writers are those who can encode correctly what the task requires then to do, whether to write a comparison, an evaluation, an instruction, or a recommendation. ” Therefore, it is impossible to be absolutely impartial for even academic writings. Furthermore, without outstanding point views, the writing will be felt like ‘tasteless’, just as a boring arson without any interesting characteristics, extraordinary personality, as well as memorable individuality.

For example, Buxton claim that”some student just regurgitating information from the textbook without properly understanding it because they found the language of the textbook inaccessible and because of the powerful authoritative role that textbook plays in first year courses. ” Last but not the least, a clear and strong statement from the writer can also make an academic essay more powerful and convincing, thereby helping the writing to be better.


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