The Value Of English Picture Story Books English Language Essay

August 18, 2017 English Language

The usage of images decidedly increases the attending of the kids because the kids ‘s attending span is rather short. The images are at that place non maily for colorss but besides as a stimulation for them and catch their attending. The images could besides move as their imaginativeness switch by get downing their reading preparedness.

Reading narratives ( words ) entirely can curtail our pupils but even an simple scholar can entree the most complex narrative through images so lower degrees do n’t ‘miss out ‘ on the ‘exciting ‘ narratives that the higher degrees are looking at.

Of class, as we take our enjoyment from images in mundane life so our pupils take enjoyment from the images in the narrative. They will add a touch of machination to the category and do the lesson much more dynamic as imaginativenesss are aroused. This is particularly utile with those pupils who find it hard to utilize their imaginativenesss. The image narrative provides a support and thoughts which the pupils can so construct on more easy than contriving their ain narrative all together.

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I find that image narratives besides add gait to the categories. The pupils ‘ reaction to a image is about immediate whereas the same reaction from a written narrative would take much, much longer. The pupils are interested and enthusiastic right from the beginning of the category.


In the instruction of grammar utilizing image narrative books, I agree that the instructor must learn or move as a go-between because it is executable and relevant to the instruction of grammar.When most people think of grammar, they imagine those dull lessons in school about ploting sentences. Teaching English grammar to pupils is a really different procedure than learning mother-tongue grammar. Learning grammar is portion of larning how to pass on in English, so concentrating on communicating alternatively of regulations will do learning grammar more interesting for instructors and pupils.

When instructor acts as a go-between, utilizing image narrative books as a stimulation, we will hold the scenario below:

• Working with illustrations provides a originative and artistic acquisition environment which kids respond to.

• A narrative book provides a child-centred existence where abstract constructs are symbolised within the text and images.

• Supporting ocular literacy is of import in order to assist kids take significance from text every bit good as develop aesthetic apprehension.

If the lesson is teacher ‘s centered, we would non hold the above occurrence. In the instruction of grammar, as a go-between, we could supply the aid so that the lesson will travel along the manner the kids perceived the manner the lesson should be. It is non that we should allow travel without any counsel but we simply guide them to the right way without them losing their manner. For case, narrative books are chiefly in the past tense so what we could demo them is that the words in the past tense could be change into present tense when the state of affairs arises. We could besides utilize the words to do them see that it could be used in another state of affairs.

What we must considered as go-between to do the lesson interesting and smooth are:

1. The narrative is appropriate for the kids degree. This means non merely to the narrative itself but besides of the images. Primary students must non be burdened with books that the vocabulary is beyond them.

2, Illicit remark while reading the books. We must inquire for their reaction after a few sentences or after a paragraph because if we wait excessively long to inquire for their remark their attending might roll off.But if we constantly inquire for their reaction so, we will no longer be the go-between so it is a all right line really.

3. Make non presume that the kids are smart or the opposite. Be prepared to give illustrations

of the adverbs and the kids might do errors when prompt for replies so give them a soft nutch to the right 1s.

4. The instructor besides must non speak excessively much during the lesson. Its the kids ‘s hr, allow

them bask the clip.

5. One thing to retrieve, hold fun with the kids.


I. )

I like to utilize a few short lessons within a one hr period to learn the regulations of grammar. The short lessons are designed to present, theoretical account, pattern, and apply accomplishments. For illustration, if I want to learn my pupils about adverbs, I might get down my short lesson by holding the category read a image narrative book which has a batch adverbs in it.

After a treatment about what an adverb agency and where to turn up adverbs within sentences, I would pattern how to efficaciously utilize adverbs in a piece of authorship, utilizing the narrative book as an illustration. Following, I would supply guided pattern in utilizing the accomplishment by giving my pupils a assortment of action words and holding them pattern composing appropriate adverbs to depict these verbs. Students could so use this accomplishment by seeking in their notebooks for right written adverbs. They could besides seek their single authorship pieces for verbs and add adverbs to assist depict the actions in more item.

This manner larning grammar does non hold to be a dull lesson of make fulling in tiring worksheets. Alternatively, open a stimulating image book, and introduce pupils to an reliable illustration of the adept usage of grammar.

two. )

In order to do the kids take part more in the lesson, the narrative must be on their degree, no demand to do it difficult for them to understand as this will do them give up and acquire bored. I will reexamine the narrative with them after a short silent reading session.

The pupils are so divided into smaller groups of fives or 4s. We will travel through the narrative once more but this clip particular emphasised will be given to the adverbs. Each group so will name the verb that were placed before the adverb. We will hold a short competition where a group will dispute another group by giving a verb and the other groups must react will an adverb. This will guarantee the kids are kept on their toes and the competition will do them desire to take part.

Then we will hold another competition among groups where as they have to compose sentences ( non from the book ) utilizing the adverbs found earlier. The competition will do the kids want to take part and they will larn the adverbs without the hurting of feeling bored. But the most of import portion to retrieve that the instructor is at that place chiefly as a go-between and as mentioned earlier, the instructor must demo that he himself is interested in the lesson because if he does non, so everything else would non work.


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