The Value Of Public Space Health And Social Care Essay

CABE, “ Public spaces – Parkss, streets and squares – are critical parts of our towns and metropoliss. “ ( ) It is accessible for everyone, both soft green surface infinites and difficult ‘civic ‘ infinites. ( Dunnett, Swanwick and Woolley 8 ) It is the out-of-door infinite and provides certain topographic points to people for loosen uping or making activities. Compared with indoor architecture infinites, public green infinite is more natural and greener.


Outdoor loosen uping activities became popular in the fiftiess. As that after the Second World War the economic system grew quickly. This led to Urbanization and caused significant addition in out-of-door infinites utilizing. ( Hultsman, Cottrell, Hultsman, W.Z. , P. 9 ) After that, In 21 century, the metropoliss changed quickly and the life styles of people are besides different from the yesteryear. Although the public installation have upgraded much more than earlier, it should play a more of import function for the modern community and persons, and be a therapy for jobs which may do by present life styles.

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Physical Reasons

Peoples need interact with out-of-door nature, non because of physical affair but besides mental facet. The most basic function of public infinite is for people to bask walking and articulation in it. In The Value of Public Space, the writers write, “ One of the cardinal functions of public infinite is that it allows us to travel around – on pes, by bike, by auto, minibike or public conveyance. ” ( CABE, P. 14 ) Walking Canis familiaris is besides a chief ground for people traveling to park, and one in eight people go into park as this. ( Park life, 1995 ) For a cutoff, people prefer to traverse the public green infinite, because there are no auto emanations and noise. Besides, public infinite provides a opportunity for people to make exercising, which improve their wellness and wellbeing. Nowadays sedentary life style cause people making less exercising than earlier, and from these they may be at hazard from a wellness job, such as corpulence and corpulent. Therefore well-built park can pull people to fall in in nature and promote them walk more. Harmonizing to CABE ‘s study show that in England over 90 % people use public infinite on a regular basis, and people besides know that traveling the public park is suited for their wellness. A study from CABE besides described that most persons believed that public infinite provide better status for their life and are indispensable for their wellness. Another specific illustration is Weston ( Why green infinite affairs for wellness and well-being ) Harmonizing to Sheffield City Council, Weston Park in Sheffield has attracted people utilizing it in different ways, by go throughing through it, civilization event, field day, general relaxing, athleticss, as a path through to the museum, and so on. ( Sheffield City Council ) So, as public installations, public Parkss promote more people to take part in exercising.

Mental Reasons

Peoples need nature. In homo ‘s history, it has showed a closely relationship between homo and nature. Nature and homo shaped for each other. ( Pretty, 2002 ) This nexus is non merely for stuff demands, but besides for the mental development. Nearness to nature raises felicity. ( Wilson, 1984 ; Kellert and Wilson, 1993 ) What sort of nature should people entree? Harmonizing to Kaplan et Al. ( 1980 ) , they explained that the ideally nature environment for people to utilize is the environing public green infinite, such as park, street trees and backyard gardens. However, what are the specific effects or how do people experience when they are utilizing green infinites? Peoples enjoy the environment because they can see ‘green ‘ and wild rural countries, every bit good as there is no pollution. Harmonizing to CABE, utilizing green infinites make people experience pleasance and cut down jitteriness which may do by nerve-racking metropolis life. ( The Value of Public Space )


Outdoor resort area plays a important function during kids ‘s growing. People ever link Parkss and childhood, and in the positions of the populace they think that kids are the most sensible users of public Parkss. And most people ever record their childhood when they used to play in Parkss. ( Comedia and Demos, P. 44 ) But what are specific grounds to animate kids to fall in in the populace green infinite?

Natural characters are an of import portion of kids ‘s resort area, because these give a broad scope of natural cognition for kids to larn and this may make non supply in others. ( Fjortoft 2001 ) For illustration, in a park, kids can larn to acknowledge workss or animate beings, and cognize how the nature alterations which are charming procedures for kids. So teaching kids in a existent natural environment is more interesting than in a category with books. Furthermore, natural environment as a societal topographic point for kids and immature people is necessary, which they can play for a interest or physical exercisings. They may besides interact with their milieus and do hazardous actions, because the topographic point they feel safe and loosen uping. ( Shackell, Butler, Doyle and Ball P5 )

Public parks besides supply a perfect topographic point for household trips or group surveies. Most people said the chief ground for traveling to the park was following with their kids. And they go to parks on a regular basis as household trips. ( Park life p44 ) By making this, parents may pass more clip with their kids. This may profit the relationship between the younger coevals and the older coevals. Group surveies are ever excited of traveling to parks, as assorted educational installations they can play. ( Dunnett, Swanwick and Woolley 2002 ) For case, art galleries and museums, which are ever located in well-loved public Parkss, are of import parts of educational programmes.


What is the ideal public infinite for people? And what are the basic elements for those topographic points? Recently researches have showed the particular features for perfect Parkss which carried out by Royal Parks in London. Such include the expressions of workss and verdure, flowers and gardens, clean and well-maintained characteristics, non-pollution, unfastened infinites, peace and leisure, H2O countries, faraway from noise and dust, safe topographic points, wildlife, good installations, someplace to watch for involvement, clear guidepost, historical sites and good services offered by public edifices. So an first-class park should incorporate three points, well-designed, run intoing people ‘s demand and good direction. ( Dunnett, Swanwick and Woolley 69 )

Public Space Design

Design is the first measure of a public infinite, and it is critical for the whole undertaking. Good interior decorators should establish on authorization studies to treat their plants, and see different demands from different groups. For illustration, immature people like assorted activities in the unfastened infinite, and handicapped people may bask peace. Furthermore, flora is another of import portion of public green infinites. In the mental footings people are extremely attracted by colorful trees, flowers, and grass. As such things are for aesthetic intents and people love beautiful materials. So when they experience breathtaking landscapes in Parkss they would experience happy and comfy. In the functional work, seting as an of import portion of landscape plants, can enrich the ambiance, and would be a topographic point for wildlife ‘s life. Well-designed leafy vegetables may equilibrate the clime in peculiar countries, for illustration large trees provide fly-by-night conditions for hot conditions. Another necessary characteristic of the park design is H2O. When we mention ‘water ‘ , people would image peaceful, smooth and clean countries. So it is suited for handicapped people and kids to remain. When person joins in H2O infinites, it may do the topographic points more active, for case, kids play in the sand pool and grownups watch them non faraway, which is a beautiful image.

Meeting people ‘s demands

Public green infinites are designed for everyone, so sing people ‘s demands is much of import when 1 undertaking is on the procedure.


First, supplying topographic points for drama is indispensable, without this, persons can non interact with the environing green infinites. Otherwise, if there are activities people can take portion in ; more citizens would fall in in the outdoor green infinites.


Besides ideal Parkss should see different sort of installations for different groups. Like immature people prefer making athleticss in the public infinite, so it should include some hoops or tennis tribunals. While loosen uping behaviors may much allow for aged individuals, walking way should be built.


Comfort of Parks is besides of import for people to run into, sensible sum of seats, accessible lavatories, coffeehouse for refreshment, and shelter for rain yearss or heat conditions.

Facilities for handicapped people

Public park undertaking should concern disabled usage. Particular design should be considered, such as handicapped lavatory, and the route for wheelchairs usage.


To sum up, it is clear that public green infinites improve the quality of our lives. It can equilibrate the sedentary modern life style, and be an educational status to learn kids. Relaxing wild green topographic points could animate people to hold positive attitudes of their lives, and the peaceable natural environment makes people bury the nerve-racking busy metropolis life. So the populace green infinite is every bit of import as people ‘s life room. Persons should concern their demands of the public green infinite, and lend their thought to better such countries. The authorities should update their research in this field as metropolis ‘s development and the alteration of population.



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