The Vision Of Dominos Pizza Commerce Essay

October 21, 2017 Commerce

Dominos Pizza is the good known company that delivers pizza and operates through a web of company-owned and franchise-owned shops in the United States and international markets including Malaysia, India, Canada, and Australia. Domino ‘s Pizza was started out little by brothers Tom and James Monaghan at Michigan, United States with merely one shop called “ DomiNick ‘s ” in 1960. After the few old ages, James Monaghan trades his half of the concern to Tom Monaghan and Tom changed the company name to “ Domino ‘s Pizza ” in 1965. Domino ‘s Pizza today is the second-largest pizza concatenation in the United States and has more than 10,000 owned and franchised shops in the United States and more than 65 international markets. The Domino ‘s bill of fare features a assortment of Italian-American main courses and slide dishes such as pizza, pasta, staff of life bowls, salads, poulet wing, and bread-sticks. Having so many retail store and assortment type of nutrient agencies maintaining the stock and logistic is non easy undertaking. Domino ‘s Pizza sure have some alone manner on maintain it supply concatenation running smooth and tidy.


The vision of Domino ‘s Pizza is, “ illustrates a company of exceeding people on a mission to be the best pizza bringing company in the universe. “ ( Domino ‘s Pizza, 2008 )


The mission of Domino ‘s Pizza is, “ committed to an inclusive civilization which values the parts of their clients, squad members, providers, and neighbours. ”

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2.0 Strength of Domino ‘s Pizza

Effective stock list direction

Domino ‘s Pizza took a major advantage in supply concatenation efficiency in 2002 when it centralized stock list direction operations at its central office. The centralised operation allowed the company to standardise sourcing, planning, stock list direction and refilling on each distribution centre across the national web. Domino ‘s pizza is utilizing package from Prescient Applied Intelligence ; a supplier of supply concatenation and advanced commercialism solutions to assist them accomplish the centralised stock list direction operations. In this operation, the full distribution operation uses merely 9 contrivers with the aid of the Prescient Applied Intelligence package. The Prescient distribution be aftering suite plants as faculties for stock list and demand planning optimized order direction and advanced time-phase refilling. However, the centralised operation demands support from a new method because Domino ‘s have a batch of retail shops around the universe, the size of the distribution centres are rather little comparison to other company. And still non merely have all ingredients and supplies, but they besides prepare the dough, so it can be shipped fresh to the shops. Domino introduces ‘matched grosss to demand faculty ‘ to assist work out this job. The thought is made by the Prescient Applied Intelligence package. The system proctor stock list on each distribution centre and determines which merchandise have higher demand. The information is garnering through the company PeopleSoft endeavor resource planning system and so unite with Prescient Applied Intelligence package. When the stock in the distribution centre is non plenty to run into the demand of the retail shop, the natural stuff will be ordered more. If the supply is equal, the stock will non be order and the following order will be see what was placed on the anterior order and travel through the same procedure. Though this manner, the freshness of the stock besides can be preserve and increase the nutrient quality. Besides that, Domino ‘s want its truck with smaller measures of multiple points and allow the staggered ordination system to equilibrate inbound grosss merely the manner Domino ‘s need them. Domino ‘s besides can construct bigger warehouse or distribution centre to maintain more stocks so it can cut down to be from telling and cut down labour cost on day-to-day modus operandi in the distribution centre.

Automation Benefits

Domino ‘s besides have a system that automates much of the standard ordination and refilling planning, alternatively of passing three-fourthss of the hebdomad manually seting orders together. This helps the Domino ‘s contrivers to concentrate more clip and attending on doing better strategic determinations. For case, contriver review old informations indentify exclusion and larn the truth from the anterior hebdomad. Planners can jump unneeded occupation and do direct accommodations with this. Then the order is transmitted to Domino ‘s ERP system and on the following twenty-four hours after having the order verification, contriver can merely reiterate the procedure for cargo orders. Domino ‘s turning ranks of retail shops are being replenished with a 24-hour service warrant, even during the heaviest publicity periods, while the web of compact distribution centre operates at thin degrees few companies can fit. This system had addition Domino a batch of advantage on continuing better stocks level and keeping it.

Delivery Tactic

In the extremely competitory pizza concern, Domino ‘s have to make assorted schemes to do certain itself comparable with other pizza company. With their long clip experience on pizza concern, they know that clip take for the nutrient arrive to client door is important. Domino ‘s Pizza introduced a 30 proceedingss bringing warrants and free bringing thought. Domino ‘s is the lone pizza company that guarantees client ‘s order will get within 30 proceedingss with free bringing. If the order can non do it within 30 proceedingss, so Domino ‘s Pizza will give you a free Regular Pizza Voucher. When presenting pizza, Domino ‘s usage a particular heat moving ridge bags to maintain the pizzas hot during theodolite. These trades have significantly attracted client to devour at Domino ‘s pizza.

Domino ‘s GPS ( Great Pizza Service ) Tracker

Domino besides creates a alone service that call Domino ‘ GPS Tracker. This GPS tracker had provides a bit-by-bit update on the position of client order when client is on-line order the pizza. Customer can login with username and watchword or client ‘s phone figure to track the on-line order. The GPS tracker will demo seven stairss throughout the nutrient readying and bringing procedure for spring clients convenient. The seven stairss of tracker are including Order placed, Preparing, Baking, Boxing, Packing, Ready for bringing and the last 1 is presenting. This GPS tracker can derive competitory advantage because this system makes the more clients friendly and convenient to client.

4.0 Decision

Domino ‘s Pizza is a great pizza company to be survey. It had proved itself as a universe taking pizza company as it has a batch of advantage against other pizza company. The competitory advantages are including Effective stock list direction, Automation Benefits, Delivery Tactic and Domino ‘s GPS ( Great Pizza Service ) Tracker. Domino ‘s pizza has done a great occupation on fulfilling client demands and keeping it pizza quality. However, through this assignment, we have learnt how Domino ‘s Pizza addition competitory advantages compare to another pizza marketer. This besides will give us increase a batch of cognition about the concern logistics operations that we might confront in the hereafter.


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