The War Between Usa And The Soviet Union History Essay

August 7, 2017 History

The United States enacted policies to help states in danger of being taken over by the Soviet Union. In early 1947 President Harry Truman announces “ The Truman Doctrine ” which became the American policy to help war ravaged states defend against communism. Truman ‘s first petition from Congress was to widen $ 400 million dollars in assistance to Greece and Turkey to incorporate communism in the Mediterranean, in his reference to congress he stated:

“ I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to back up free peoples who are defying attempted subjection by armed minorities or by outside force per unit areas. I believe that we must help free peoples to work out their ain fates in their ain manner. I believe that our aid should be chiefly through economic and fiscal assistance, which is indispensable to economic stableness and orderly political procedures. ”

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Subsequently that same twelvemonth Secretary of State George Marshall outlines programs of economic aid in the war ravaged states of Western Europe ; this became known as “ The Marshall Plan ” .

The United Nations spoke out against the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine, saying that the states having the assistance will hold to give up their economic and political control to the USA. The United Nations felt that these programs for assistance were to farther ill will toward the Soviet Union and do the European states dependent on the United States. This policy conflicted with the rules of the General Assembly in its declaration of 11th December, 1946, which declares that alleviation supplies to other states “ should at no clip be used as a political arm ”[ 2 ].

East and West formed confederations with other states, to assist foster their cause. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is founded by, The United States, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway to defy communist enlargement. NATO ‘s policy contained two chief rules ; the first policy was to keep equal military strength, and political integrity. The 2nd is to ordain policy to alleviate tensenesss between East and West. NATOs slogan was “ an armed onslaught against one or more of us shall be considered an onslaught against us all. ” NATO members promised to take whatever action necessary, including the usage of armed forces. Opposing NATO forces were those of the Warsaw Pact, which was formed to fall in the military forces of Eastern European states, it included most communist provinces in Europe. The Pact mentioned peace and defence. It prohibited its members to take part in any other confederation, and offered members aid, including the usage of armed force, in the event of an armed onslaught. Both the East and the West shared the concern of a atomic war.

The two ace powers come to the threshold of a atomic war in 1962. With Fidel Castro becomes the leader of Cuba in 1959, raising dismay of the Americans even though Cuba had non been declared as a communist state. Cuban guerrilla motions go common topographic point all over Latin- America. In 1962, the Soviet Union was urgently behind the United States in the weaponries race. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev conceived the thought of puting intermediate-range missiles in Cuba. Castro, who was looking for a manner to support his island state from an onslaught by the United States, agreed leting the Soviets to put in military instillments, and atomic arms merely 93 stat mis from the shores of the United States. President Kennedy orders a naval encirclement of the island[ 3 ]. American naval ships equipped with atomic arms surround the island and convey the United States and the Soviet Union to the threshold of a atomic war. The Soviets back down in an understanding with President Kennedy, holding to retreat similar missiles from Turkey, and vowing non to assail Cuba.

The political clime alterations in the 1980 ‘s, a immense morale supporter for the United States came when the United States Olympic hockey Team defeats the Soviet Union in the semifinals of the Olympics and is subsequently named “ The miracle on Ice. ” Ronald Regan took office in 1981 as President of the United States, and Mikhail Gorbachev going the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985. The two freshly elected leaders meet for the first clip at a acme in Geneva, where they agree to two more acmes. A Soviet atomic power works explodes, ensuing in the worst atomic power works catastrophe in history[ 4 ]. I believe that this event was ruinous to the fighting Soviet Union ‘s economic system. In 1987 Ronald Regan travels to Berlin, Germany where he challenges “ Mr. Gorbachev, rupture down this wall ” . Later that same twelvemonth the United States President Ronald Regan and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev sign The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, for most, this is the official terminal of the Cold War. By 1989 the Soviet reforms were belly-up, leting Eastern Europe to lift up against the communist authoritiess, the Berlin wall had been breached, and travel limitations were erroneously lifted at a intelligence conference in East Berlin. December 1989 Soviet leader Gorbachev and President George W. Bush declare a long permanent epoch of peace. January 1990 the first McDonalds open in Moscow, Russia signaling to the universe that a true peace had been found between the two ace powers.


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