The Watergate Affair Essay

July 19, 2017 Media

The Watergate Affair was possibly one of the greatest political dirts to hold affected the Ameican authorities. Its significance was this dirt involved functionaries taking up to the highest degrees of the authorities which finally led to the White House which was during the tenure of President Richard Nixon. The immediate cause of this dirt began when several work forces were arrested for burglarising the central office of the Democratic Party at the Watergate Hotel in Washington. DC hence the name of the dirt.

These work forces were caught rummaging registering cabinets for critical paperss and electronic wiretapping devices were besides found in their individuals ; seemingly. they were planinng to tease the office and electronically listen in on any conversation taking topographic point at that place. The underlying cause behind this operations was the Nixon Administration was concerned on how confidential authorities studies were being obtained by the Democrats which served as political ammo against Nixon’s reelection command.

It was subsequently revealed that the work forces involved were Plutos of the President’s re-election squad though ab initio. President Nixon denied any engagement and subsequent intelligence studies revealed that a monolithic cover-up was being conducted as an effort to cover up any engagement by the President. Subsequent probes by the media revealed that the White House has formed a secret unit called “Plumbers” for the intent of descrying newsmans and authorities functionaries who may hold been leaking information to the former ( Szulc. 1972. p. E2 ; Rugaber. 1972. p. 220 ) .

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The media had been dependably following the events related to what became known as the Watergate Scandal which had by far. overshadowed the accomplishments of Nixon during his presidential term and hounded him all throughout. These disclosures of covert authorities operations within the United States prompted the Senate to organize a commission on the run activities of the President on February of 1973. Throughout the twelvemonth. more disclosures came out as the force per unit area on those responsible was escalating runing from being sworn to hush and destructing grounds of engagement by the White House.

This so prompted the Senate to subpoena Nixon who had repeatedly refused to look and even let go of the tapes when demanded. further rising the intuition of a cover-up as it was revealed when these tapes had been edited by the clip it was released to them ( Apple. 1974. pp. 57-58 ) . The changeless coverage of the media of what the Senate commission revealed had convinced the American populace that Nixon should be impeached and ( perchance ) made to vacate if found guilty ( Kovach. 1974. p. 1 ) .

Based on the initial probes by the Senate and its appointive prosecuting officers. Nixon was charged by the Senate for obstructor of justness. mistreating his power and demoing disdain of Congress by declining to look in the hearings and these became evidences on functioning an impeachment against him. Sing that he had proverbially painted himself in a corner and by the 9th of August. 1974. Nixon went on national telecasting to denote his surrender to save himself the indignity of being served the impeachment following the handiness of more grounds that would furher imply him.

The Watergate Affair revealed how the authorities could mistreat its power in carry oning spying and even carry on political sabotage and it was unfortunate that in its desire to maintain certain affairs of the province a secret. its agents were caught and led to terrible reverberations.


Apple. R. W. ( 1974. January 5 ) . “Nixon Rejects Subpoenas from Senate Committee for 500 Tapes and Documents. ” New York Times. pp. 57-58. Rugaber. W. ( 1973. January 14 ) . “Mystery. Comedy. Etc. & A ; Dirty Tricks. ” New York Times. p. 220. Szulc. T. ( 1972. June 25 ) . “From the Folkss Who Brought You the Bay of Pigs. ” New York Times.


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