The Weaker Sex Leading To Violence Sociology Essay

July 30, 2017 Sociology

Presents, feminism and gender equality are still an issue that will pull attending among the society. Women position is a complex issue and a hard-to-define topic. Overall, the rights and position of adult females have improved well in the last century. Harmonizing to Macmillan English Dictionary ( 2007 ) , “ position ” carries the significance of person ‘s place in a profession or society particularly when compared with others. I strongly agree that adult females in this epoch are still considered as human existences who are lower in position and being the weaker sex compared to work forces that lead them to being easy abused by work forces. In this essay, I will discourse how adult females are treated as belongings and how they suffered from assorted signifiers of physical force and sexual maltreatment that prove they are lower in position compared to work forces.

In world, work forces ever consider as the stronger sex that somehow the issue of physical force against adult females had occurred. Gender equality is extremely important for the universe to map good. When one sex believes that its strength or place is far better than the other so the issue of inequality arises. Domestic force is one of the illustrations that testified adult females are lower in position and powerless than adult male. Sometimes, work forces abuse adult females to demo their work forces ‘s power and their higher position than adult females. This is because adult females normally dare non to publish after they receive abuse signifier work forces. In my point of view, adult females need to confront the state of affairs caput on and be independent. They must recognize what happened to them are inappropriate. Abuse from work forces to adult females should set an terminal grade from now onwards hence clarified that adult females are non lower in position and powerless to accomplish their adult females ‘s rights. In Malaysia, Domestic Violence Act is one of the Torahs that protect adult females ‘s rights when they get abused by work forces. However, the Domestic Violence Act criminalizes force against adult females, but merely if you are a married adult females.

Furthermore, the instance of dowry decease is deemed as physical force has proved to be lower the position of adult females. The pattern of dowery is glowering in parts of India where the position of adult females is less of import than dowery. Dowry usually means it is given during the matrimony to the son-in-law parents either in the signifier of hard currency or gifts. There are besides brides who are invariably harassed physically or mentally for failures to convey sufficient dowery. From my point of position, civilization is the chief issue that have an abstruse impact on adult females. It is the civilization that encourages adult females to be the weaker sex. Peoples have passed down attitudes and traditions since the first established society and the male chauvinist wickednesss of their ascendant whom stereotyped adult females as lower in position and weaker sex.

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On the other manus, sexual force is one of the issues that adult females are being exploited as the weaker sex. One of the illustrations of sexual force is day of the month colza. Date colza is a offense in which the victims are forced in to holding sexual intercourse with person they are familiar with. Harmonizing to Hoebel ( 2002 ) , one of the biggest hazards from a male to a female is day of the month colza. A research has shown that, one in four adult females will be raped in their life clip ( Nancy, Sylvester, Priscilla & A ; Ana, 2001 ) . This is a really chilling, yet true statistic. In my point of view, colza is looked as a offense of assault. It can do physical and mental hurts to victims. No 1 should of all time coerce person else to hold sex against their will. That is colza! From Hoebel stating, I can reason that work forces often assumed adult females as the weaker sex idea of they could easy make whatever things they want towards adult females including sexual force. Davis Thomas and Camille Paglia ( 2006 ) believe the universe will ever incorporate work forces who use their advantage of strength to harm adult females. For me, I earnestly hope that adult females need to be strong every bit good as be educated what day of the month colza is. Therefore, more adult females will come out and describe the incident.

Furthermore, there are some issues like harlotry which is besides a sort of sexual maltreatment to adult females, have been around for 1000s of old ages and will ne’er travel off. Hence, it is for this ground that, as Barbara Walter ( 2003 ) said, “ Prostitution is a universe that is here to remain, like it or non it is clip to do the best of it ” . Men exploited adult females in the harlotry field presuming that sex for money is legal. There are some instances which adult females are forced by their hubby to sell their organic structure in order to gain money. This scenario has shown work forces merely merely care about the net income and instead to give their married womans in sex traffics. In my position, a adult female must hold the right, under fundamental law, to non merely sell her belongings, but to make it in privateness. Women normally regard as the lower position group ought to contend for their rights but non merely allow themselves being exploited by work forces. Prostitution is illegal in Malaysia, nevertheless, Torahs censoring harlotry remain mostly unenforced.

To reason, there are several issues that had shown that adult females lower in position and being the weaker sex easy exploited by work forces. Work force feel they are superior than adult females ever treat adult females as belongings that those females have to execute surgical to delight the superior 1. Men frequently use force agencies to seek to overmaster adult females. Many adult females besides feel that they are lower in position and respect as the weaker sex normally exploited in sexual field which considered as sexual force. Education is one of the methods that can forestall force and maltreatment in adult females. Peoples must look in front to educate the following coevals and instill in them new thoughts in order for rational reform to happen non merely for adult females, but for all people.


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