The wells were constructed in the city

The Detroit lakes water treatment plant located at 1025 Roosevelt Avenue Detroit Lakes,
MN. The plant serves about 9,500 residents. The residents of Detroit lakes get their drinking
water from the groundwater source. The city has four wells which provides safe and reliable
drinking water. The first and second wells were constructed in the city in 1948 and also a 75hp
turbine was installed. The third well was constructed in 1962 with 75hp turbine. The Detroit
lakes city gets most of the water from the third well which produces 1,500gallons per minute.
The fourth one was constructed in 2006. The wells are 230 ft deep and draw water from aquifer.
The water comes from the wells through 16” diameter pipe to water treatment plant, then it goes
through an aeration system to eliminate gases and oxidize the water. Then 4 filters which is
1,300 square foot each to remove undesirable materials such as iron and rust through 18″
charcoal and 12″of sand. Chlorine is added to the water for disinfection to kill bacteria and
pathogens. Fluoride is also added to prevent the decay of the teeth. The water treatment plant
produces 1.5 up to 2.6 million gallons per day. The city has a tower that can store 1 million
gallons and stand pipe that can store 150, 000 gallons. The city staffs check the level of chlorine
at the corners of the city to make sure if the chlorine goes down or not.

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