The world 100 years from now Essay

August 29, 2017 Religion

A hundred old ages form now we would be populating submerged in a metropolis like Atlantis. The 2 chief factors which would hold contributed to this state of affairs would be the raising temperatures I. E planetary heating and UV radiation. Because of this tremendous alteration in life style which had to take topographic point. many other scientific undertakings would be suspended. like the infinite plan for illustration. Most our scientific attempts would be directed towards the betterment of human life underwater. Some people in America. Europe and Japan preponderantly chosen because of their wealth. scientific ability and singularity would be the lone individuals allowed to populate in this Atlantis. as it would non be broad plenty to suit everyone. The staying 4 billion people would finally die. The chief beginning of O for this Atlantis would be the algae. and the prevailing beginning of nutrient would be fish. Most of the power would com from atomic reactors.

There would be no states. as the U. S would be the lone state which would hold the economic and scientific resources to construct this Atlantis. as I mentioned before there would be this oversight in technological promotion for a certain period of clip as we adapt ourselves to submerged life. more over the injury created by engineering I. e. the devastation of our life style on the land would do people cautious in perusing certain technological paths. Education would be the first precedence of this society. Religion Ceremonies/ moralss would bit by bit be killed taking to little pockets of dictatorship. When there are no ceremonials to transform you. to state to you that you have to alter. you get stranded. for illustration if there were no ceremonials for adolescence. you are stranded in life and alternatively of change overing yourself into a responsible grownup you do drugs.

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Cloning would be an option for parents. and many parents would follow this manner of holding kids making genetically perfect kids. but this method would be dearly-won and some people would wish to hold their kids in the natural manner. this would take to immense differences between the cloned and of course born worlds. Because many people cloned rich/famous people without their cognition by obtaining their Deoxyribonucleic acid from many beginnings like refuse ( tissue paper ) and so subsequently claimed their belongings the fundamental law would me amended to deny this right of heritage. Pathogens would go more and more immune to medical specialties.

Automatons would be to a great extent regulated preponderantly because of the injury which I mentioned of before. Robots during this clip. because of the oversight in technological promotion would non be every bit complex as we would hold imagined. but complex plenty to be extremely regulated by the authorities. They would set self destruct codifications within the robot’s plan. Other than this I believe this Atlantis would be more of less similar to the ways of life in the U. S with small betterments in every conceivable field.


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