The Worlds Leaders Of The Generic Pharmaceutical Companies Marketing Essay

By August 20, 2017 Marketing

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is one of the universe ‘s leaders of the generic pharmaceutical companies. It is chiefly focused on developing, bring forthing, and selling generic and branded pharmaceutical along with active pharmaceutical ingredients. Teva has walked the excess stat mi to get its leading place in the US generic market. It acquired Barr Pharmaceuticals, a transnational generic pharmaceutical based in the US, for 7.5 billion US dollars in December 2008. Today, Teva conducts its operations throughout American, Asia, and off class Israel. During the fiscal twelvemonth ended December 2008, the company recorded grosss of around 11 million dollars ( which was an addition of account 17.8 % in comparing to twelvemonth 2007. Operating net incomes decreased by 52.2 % by 2008 and net net income besides increased by 67.5 % .

Teva ‘s success has been a lesson to many other turning houses that learned from Teva ‘s scheme and ventured into the pharmaceutical market seeking to fit up with the success of this giant. Even though Teva had become a wise man for others and guru in its field, those newbie houses stood as a menace to its growing.

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Bing faced with ferocious competition from present companies and others in start up stage, Teva has to take fast actions to keep its throne in the market and its impressive market portion. As such Teva is recommended to specialise in bring forthing generic drugs given their low investing demands and their fast production. As such, Teva would be guaranting a high degree of net incomes with fewer costs and less hazard.

Noting that any market ventured has opportunities of competition, Teva has to be cognizant of authorised generic drugs, monetary value competition, and competition on Copaxon. By being prepared at all clip, Teva can guarantee a drum sander less hazardous war should any rival decide to open fire on the company and conflict for its market portion and position.

Last, Teva has been a maestro piece of strong planning and execution. It has grown far beyond the skyline of success and has proved to be one of a sort during its many old ages in the market. I believe that even though competition is ever present, Teva will ever surprise the universe with new successes and victory.

Who is Teva?

Teva, a planetary pharmaceutical company based in Israel, envisions going one of the universe ‘s leaders in pharmaceuticals. It strives to accomplish that by being the acknowledged leader in the world-wide generic industry ; moreover by making a planetary franchise in certain advanced merchandises spirting from Israel. Teva ‘s success has ever laid in the proper leading of their direction, the expertness and committedness of their people, the premium quality of their offerings, and their focal point on their clients and patients.

Teva, being one of the biggest and good positioned generic drug manufacturers has dominated the market of generic drugs in about every facet and is ever predicted to increase market portion in a market that is immensely turning.

Teva ‘s Power

Based in Israel, Teva ‘s mark markets are in Europe and America. It has premium entree to think of pharmaceutical research with its house connexions with top universities establishments in Israel. Furthermore, it makes usage of valuable inducements in revenue enhancement.

It is by consent that Teva ‘s R & A ; D is the best in the universe. Throughout the old ages, it mastered bring forthing generic peers of branded drugs in a speedy and inexpensive mode. Its selling arm, the largest and finest among generic drugs, has become stronger when Teva acquired Sicor that has strong ties with the infirmary market.

The merely branded drug of Teva, Copaxon, is for the intervention of induration. It has been really profitable for the company but is confronting competition today observing that its orphan drug position expired. Furthermore, Teva is one of the largest makers of pharmaceutical active ingredients. Almost half of its gross revenues are to itself ; that is through weaponries individualistic minutess.

Today, Teva has a good frozen history and tradition in the pharmaceutical industry and the concern kingdom in general. The key to its success has ever been the smart picks that it has taken which were wholly different than those of its rivals. Teva ‘s research and development has drawn new frontiers to its invention.

Its outgrowth and success in Israel were the talk of the universe. Many followings learned from Teva ‘s experience and ran into the market seeking to nibble on the crumbs left over by this mega success giant.

Teva ‘s focal point has ever been on bring forthing generic merchandises under the umbrella of cost efficiency, rapid production, handiness, and, most significantly, reduced stock list. It strived for excellence to command local labour costs and accomplishments ; it created strong stock list degrees to heighten refilling ; it adopted backward integrating with active ingredients so that it beginnings at a much bigger graduated table and small costs ; it put large investing in distribution and supply concatenation direction ; it was ever cognizant and about of its operational efficiency and effectivity ; and in conclusion, there was a nonstop version to its growing and acquisitions.

The research and development division is considered as the anchor of any pharmaceutical company, and Teva knew that really good. Teva understood that in order to do a name out of themselves they have to guarantee that they have a solid squad behind all the research and development in order to come up with changeless advanced drugs for the universe. But Teva ‘s support for their R & A ; D was in no manner comparable to those of the large participants in the industry. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the universe spend around $ 45 billion on R & A ; D annually. Teva ‘s $ 100 million is about undistinguished to that.

It was David against Goliath all over once more. Teva knew they had to play the game with whatever resources they had so their chief scheme to spouse up with other companies in order to develop new drugs. Such strategic partnerships yielded 150 to 180 drug proposals per twelvemonth, many which led to successful flagship generics. In add-on to supplying a batch of new proposals, Teva was able to cut down the cost of drug development by 40-60 % .

Teva ‘s scheme was non merely confined to strategic partnerships though. They besides kept their eyes open for any up and coming startups or already good established companies that showed marks of invention and straight went for the slide. Teva acquired several companies ( some were multi-billion dollar acquisitions ) whenever they thought it was necessary, and so far have a really successful record of making so.

As Teva ‘s merchandise line grew, they had to do certain that their rational belongings is ever safe. With immense rivals in the industry, they could non put on the line losing an advanced drug without registering its patent. They besides focused on patenting non merely the drug itself, but the fabrication procedure every bit good in order to restrict rivals from stealing any thoughts since corporate espionage is really common in the pharmaceutical industry.

As discussed earlier, Teva had limited resources to work with, so they had to cut corners wherever they can, and this has become portion of their values. Teva could be considered as a in fiscal matters conservative company where every disbursal or acquisition would take delicate planning and faced a batch of examination. With such a scheme, they were able to fit up the large companies with immense budgets for R & A ; D.

Teva besides boasts an first-class record for acquisition integrating between the acquired companies and their ain. This is non an easy undertaking to make particularly with multi-billion dollar acquisitions.

Teva ‘s distinction scheme

Teva was an avant-gardist in the pharmaceutical field. It built its ain way in a really professional mode. It spread on the tabular array all its available cards & A ; started extinguishing the least efficient 1s, seeking to make the most beautiful corsage of picks that would distinguish it from its rivals. Teva ‘s merchandise range consisted of the followers:

Lowering its criterion cost through mass production trade good generics. Economies of scale lessening merchandise cost.

Producing similar merchandises in different forms ( panpipes, inhalators, etcaˆ¦ ) and occupying the US market ; i.e. United States “ 3 months ” sole generics.

Concentrating on the so called Niche merchandises & A ; biosimilars.

Executing its schemes & A ; Scopess in a really efficient manner, while using faster ANDA applications, and therefore taking to a larger response of blessings from a geographical position.

Enforcing a strong & A ; well-confident presence in the International market, aiming a transnational ticket.

Reducing the involvement in marketing & A ; restricting the demand to publicize.

Attracting & A ; aiming national providers that are independent from jobbers in their purchases.

Concentrating on a better stock list direction through following better services, every bit good as acquiring high price reductions & A ; cheaper offers through placing high orders of stuff.

Keeping their stockholders through offering warrants & A ; credits with low monetary values.

Teva – pampered in a ferocious market

The market for generic drugs market is erroneously labeled as trade good. Given that it was true, it is most likely that no 1 buys a branded drug should a generic option be introduced into the market. Research shows considerable trade name trueness in the market for drugs. Consequently, Teva benefits from assorted competitory advantages leting it to gain abundant returns:

Larger drug ironss normally favor working with larger branded companies such as Teva that is able to offer them a broad assortment of drugs.

Teva ‘s fabrication, R & A ; D, and selling labeled as the best globally therefore enjoy momentous economic systems of graduated table.

Teva is given notable revenue enhancement interruptions and precedence entree in Israel when it comes to research.

Producing a immense ball of its ain APIs, Teva enjoys primary entree to APIs of narrow supply.

The grapevine of Teva ‘s generic drugs overpasses that of rivals by long manner.

Teva enjoys a multiple branded drugs portfolio which helps it construct a good rooted franchise.

Teva ‘s Five Forces Model

To understand TEVA more and to understand its success in the market, we will analyse the five forces theoretical account mention to Teva and its enlargement.

Barriers of Entry

Get downing with the barriers of entry, the menace of branded drugs come ining the market is comparatively low. Yet, it is more likely and easier for generic trade names to come in the market ; taking note that non many new trade names can afford get downing up a new concern. While analyzing the market, we can recognize that the biotech has altered the timeline, information at manus, and investing needed to present a merchandise to the market.

On the other manus, if we were to analyse the restrictions that bounded Teva in the market, we can descry a few. First, we face the entree to the distribution through wellness attention. This barrier is broad spread among pharmaceutical companies and can impede their exposure. In Teva ‘s instance, this was apparent throughout its origin and turning. Second, R & A ; D requires 1000000s of dollars annually and if a company is non ready with the appropriate budget, this could impede its growing and restrict its capablenesss and its investings. Furthermore, and traveling off from the stuff door, there is ever large cost paid for the rational belongings. That is, while Teva was hotfooting to make new pharmaceutical merchandises, there was ever a large cost paid for purchasing patents and ways to continue their protection.

Power of buyers/consumers

Traveling on to consumer power, consumers – patients – are reasonably powered but largely rely on the referrals of their physicians and druggists. Yet, with extended selling and distribution of merchandise information, patients now have more power to act upon their physicians to order a certain trade name of drugs.

In add-on, we realize that indirect clients ( antique insurance companies and medical professionals ) have large power. This is explained by the big sum of replacements present for one medical instance. On the other manus, some physicians tend to hold certain affinity to certain pharmaceutical drugs. Besides, insurance houses tend to tilt towards lower costs and more generic merchandises when possible.

Power of provider

While analyzing the provider side, we realize that the menace of providers is someway low. This is because chemical stuffs are normally easy to achieve and be in many replacement signifiers. As such, pharmaceutical companies have more power than providers when it comes to taking their active ingredient beginning since they have the option of taking their best bargain from assorted options.

Menace of replacements

Like any other market, there are ever menaces of replacement merchandises impeding the success of present merchandises. In Teva ‘s instance, the menace of replacement is instead average observing that, as mentioned, there is high client trueness in the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, clients will non put on the line switching to a new generic/non generic medicine even if the monetary value is more alluring.


As for the pharmaceutical industry, we see that there is high competition in this sphere. Rivalry is someway ferocious with the high degree of industry profitableness. Not to advert that new competition in the market is ever of force per unit area to existing houses ; besides that when the monetary value is under force per unit area, growing becomes stagnant. This economic sternness is what regulates the competitory concern in the market.

Teva ‘s value concatenation

I believe we can larn a batch from Teva ‘s value concatenation. Teva ‘s consistence in the market has helped it go long manner into success. Their picks have ever been consistent with the advantages they sought and the market they ventured into. Their R & A ; D was solid and targeted the right niche to analyze. Their selling was good implanted and their gross revenues distribution was efficient. Furthermore, their services were one measure in front of their competition. This was what drew new boundaries for Teva and had it radiance in forepart of many other competitory pharmaceutical companies.

Teva ‘s success was ne’er its attractive construction but the art it used to set up their operations and to aim their industry. Teva, throughout the old ages, exploited limitations with direct foreign investing in order to licence their drugs and to make a group of Israeli experts. Furthermore, Teva has used advanced partnerships in order to construct its R & A ; D capablenesss. A smart move that Teva adopted was commanding a premium monetary value to its blockbuster branded drugs. This generated more net incomes with the higher monetary values. Most imposingly, Teva seems to hold a consistent message fluxing to how Teva allocates their resources – fabrication, tantrum, and public presentation.

What seems instead smart of Teva ‘s behaviour is its equilibrating scheme. To some this might look as a bad luck, but come to believe of it, Teva was seeking to remain off from being stuck in the center.

Teva ‘s hereafter

Bing the Chief executive officer of Teva, I find myself on a intersection with assorted subdivisions. Teva has ventured though many market during its life period but the inquiry is whether all those markets were required for this growing and whether some really hindered its growing instead than hike it. I recommend that Teva farther expand in the planetary generic markets.

The industry of drugs grows non-cyclically ; that is, consumers buy those drugs despite of any economic state of affairs. Aggregate demand will ever turn in the hereafter given the non halt flow of new drugs. Yet, new drugs tend to be highly expensive to develop and take a really long clip every bit good. Branded pharmaceutical companies dive into these disbursals and attempts merely to monopolise a market temporarily.

On the other manus, generic drugs are non freshly invented drugs. Pharmaceutical companies come up with an equivalent for another branded drug so seek the FDA for an ANDA. If the new medicine is chemically tantamount to the latter, no farther clinical surveies are required. This is why generic drugs are cheaper, faster, and easier to convey into the market and are more likely to be approved by the FDA than new branded drugs.

The industry of generic drugs is differentiated with great economic systems of graduated table. This is why the industry is consolidating nonstop. Scholars predict that there will be a few large generic companies commanding the universe market, and Teva is decidedly one of them.

Teva ‘s generic portfolio has one hundred 19 drug fillings about 70 five billion dollars with US trade name gross revenues. Its generic grapevine inundations that of its competition being about twice every bit big as its closest rival. This range and size predicts definite growing in Teva ‘s hereafter market portion of generics.

As such, and as the CEO, I will take Teva into embarking farther into the generic market and geting net incomes through bring forthing generic drugs that take small clip, attempts, and investing to complete. However, there will ever be a backup program ready at anytime needed to plunge into another market. This is besides easy for Teva given its broad anterior experience in all Fieldss of pharmaceutical drugs.

Beting for another squad

With every large success semen menaces. And this instance, give that I am an executive in a large drug company, I would decidedly take at throwing monolithic competition on Teva to take down its power and market portion.

Normally, and in an effort to conflict with generic companies, branded companies create authorized generic drugs at the same time with the exclusivity period of the generic merchandise. This will badly impact the generic drug concern. Therefore, I will follow this scheme to interrupt down Teva ‘s high imperium walls and do it more vulnerable to its environing rivals.

Furthermore, and since the market for generic drugs is a services market, monetary value is the chief factor of distinction. By viing with Teva on monetary values and guaranting lower monetary values for the same generic medicine, I can see some eroding in its net income borders.

Third, I find it highly effectual to vie with Teva on Copaxon. Given the immense net incomes that this drug has generated, and the dependableness of Teva on it, viing as such would decidedly ache Teva.

By following all three programs, I would be constructing an arsenal ready to put Teva in a vulnerable state of affairs for at least a short period of clip. Afterwards, I would present a ferocious selling scheme to hike my company ‘s place in the market and increase its market portion while go forthing Teva inquiring on what struck it.


We live in a merciless competitory age where the regulations of the jungle are apparent – endurance of the fittest. Some reach the top with their difficult work, others mimic their manner up, and some range by pure fortune. In all instances, making is top is non the terminal, instead a start of a really tough phase of protecting oneself from the man-eaters that might assail at any clip and the scavengers that fly in circles waiting for the knock out to banquet on the failure of others.

Teva has been a maestro piece of strong planning and execution. It has grown far beyond the skyline of success and has proved to be one of a sort during its many old ages in the market. I believe that even though competition is ever present, Teva will ever surprise the universe with new successes and victory.


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