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September 21, 2018 English Literature

English Literature – “Catch Us If You Can” Do you like the narrative? Give your reasons”

I like the narrative ‘Catch Us If You Can’ . The characters are interesting. There are suspense exhilarations and wits from the beginning to the terminal of the narrative and the subjects are cosmopolitan and relevant to our lives.

The characters in the novel are intriguing people. Rory is a singular immature male child who has duty thrust upon him because his gramps is aging. has memory oversights and needs changeless attention and attending. Young as he is. Rory makes certain his gramps takes his medicine. does the shopping and the cookery and even cleans the house. He is genuinely to be admired.

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In add-on to the interesting characters. the narrative ‘Catch Us If You Can’ is full of bang and suspense. We wonder whether Granda will decease after the inadvertent fire. When Rory escapes with his sick and weak gramps. whether the old adult male will last remains a enigma. Their first brush with Sammy and Throne is unfriendly and aggressive. Therefore. we fear the two may be hurt or taken to the constabulary station. This happens at assorted points in the narrative when Granda knocks the adult male at the station with a bottle and even petrol attender is leery. The author keeps the readers thinking whether these people are friends or enemies. Tension saddle horses when Rory’s male parent turns up. In a sense. the author withholds information. and by making so. maintain the reader on border from the beginning to the terminal of the narrative.

Another component that makes the fresh interesting is humour. Granda’s visit to school for the Parents’ Night turns out to be screaming. He leans frontward. shut to Mrs. Foley’s face. and announces. “You have got a mustache. ” That comment and Mrs. Foley’s reaction. “her nose began to twitch” and the fire that is sparked by Granda’s smoking pipe adds some slapstick merriment to the incident.

While there is temper in the narrative. the subjects that are dealt with in the narrative are serious and meaningful. The love and attention that Granda and Rory shower on each others shows the importance of household love. Rory and Granda take duty for each other’s public assistance and felicity. When Rory’s father reunites the household and he takes duty for his male parent and boy. they become one happy household once more.

push upon – forced on enemies – enemy
aging – turning old shower –

English Literature – “Catch Us If You Can” – THEME

An of import subject in the narrative is that finding brings success. Rory and Granda were on and get away escapade from the local governments. They were determined non to be separated as they had been when they were placed in Castle Street and Rachnadar. They wanted their freedom to populate like the old yearss.

They went on an flight escapade and it was their finding that made them willing to travel through adversities as they had no concluding finish in head. They had to maintain running and be alert to avoid being caught by the constabulary. They besides had to be careful non to be recognized by the populace who could place them from their images in the local telecasting intelligence. This finding inspired some sort aliens to assist them whenever the jurisprudence caught up with them.

Granda displayed strong findings in that at times when he was truly exhausted. he would still set in excess attempts to avoid being caught by the constabulary. Rory had to draw him into the shrubs and he survived it although he was in a terror. On another juncture. he picked up velocity and rolled into a ditch to get away the jurisprudence. He even hit a immature individual on the caput and even hotwired a auto to get away. All these Acts of the Apostless showed his finding and how it brought success as they could get away from the jurisprudence. It all goes to demo how finding can assist one to get the better of all sorts of obstructions.

Rory’s and Granda’s finding to be together and to remain free brought success and they finally ended up in Liverpool where Jeff. Rory’s male parent was. They were reunited as a household.

English Literature – “Catch Us If You Can” A MORAL VALUE YOU HAVE LEARNT FROM THE STORY

The moral values I have learnt in the novel ‘Catch Us If You Can’ is the importance of household. Forfeits made for the household are honoured and the household bonds survive hardship. Furthermore. household relationships ought to be nurtured and non taken for granted.

Family duty in the novel is best displayed by Rory’s changeless attention of his gramps. At a really early age. Rory realized that ‘there was merely Granda and me’ to do up a household. Rory does non cognize any other household love. His male parent was walked out on them when Rory is really immature. The state of affairs becomes worse when his grandma dies and his gramps becomes doddering because of old age. There is no 1 to care for them and it seems that both of them would hold to set into places.

Granda has taken attention of him all his life and now as Granda is acquiring old and unretentive. and is ne’er rather good. it is Rory’s bend to look after him. Cipher forces him or tells him to make it but Rory feels it is the right thing to make. He is willing to predate things that adolescents male childs should be making. He does all the family jobs. makes certain that Granda takes his medicines and has all this repasts. He even keeps Granda’s pipe to do certain that no indecent incidents occur.

Granda has been known to go forth his pipe in his pocket and fire out the jacket. Bing caring and responsible. he sees to Granda’s demands. He besides takes attention of money affairs in the household. His actions show that he is responsible and mature even at such a immature age. He helps Granda to excape to freedom. Rory takes attention of Granda. He seeks aid when Granda is found unconscious.

Granda and Rory do non take their relationships for granted. On several occasions. Granda expresses grasp to Rory for being there for him while Rory feels proud to hold Granda as his gramps. He is really protective and defensive of Granda. They shared an astonishing household love for each other. Their loves is deep and pure. It surpasses most degrees that people are capable of. It is because of the alone state of affairs both of them are in. Granda calls him his lone boy. To him. Rory is a boy. more than a grandson.

They nurture their relationships right up to the terminal even when they have a household in Jeff and Karen. The novels Teachs us that household duty and love are of import. We need to do forfeits to our household in times of demand. We can non merchandise our household for anything.

Adversity – Hardship. Forego –Miss/skip/sacrifice. Untoward – bad. Nurtured – to do relationship stronger. Surpaseses – Exceed. Walked out on – abandoned

Sad event:

The novel that I have studied is Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail. This novel is about a immature male child named Rory who lived entirely with his gramps. When Rory and Granda were separated due to a fire. Rory made a determination to run away with Granda so that they could be together. One of the sad event in this novel is when a fire broke out at the flats where Rory and Granda were remaining. On that twenty-four hours. Rory was heading to the bakeshop as usual to acquire tiffin. the baker told him that something was traveling on at his flats. the Fire Brigade had gone at that place and person had been sent to the infirmary. Rory rushed home instantly to happen many people environing the edifice. He tried to acquire into the edifice.

A police officer told him that Granda had been admitted to the infirmary but he was traveling to be all right. Rory heard that Granda had likely left the bit pan on and forgot about it. Then. Rory was taken to the infirmary to see Granda. This event triggered a few other of import events which changed their lives everlastingly. As a consequence of the fire. Rory had to be sent to remain in Castle Street. the children’s place and Granda was sent to Rachnadar Hospital. Rory hated Castle Street as he had to confront the awful Tellurium who bullied everyone around her. He ended up contending with her. At the same clip. Granda was enduring at Rachnadar Hospital. He blamed himself that Rory had ended up in Castle Street. Rory saw that he was withdrawing farther and further into his shell and he did non desire Granda to decease ‘inside’ . So. he made a determination to run off. During the Great Escape. Rory and Granda had to travel from topographic point to topographic point. This affected Granda’s wellness.

First. they went to Darren’s mum’s train. When Rory received intelligence from Darren that they were found out. they escaped once more. This clip they were rescued by Ruby and household. They went on an adventuresome journey from topographic point to topographic point. At one clip. Granda even had to hit a male child who was endangering to catch Rory. Then. Granda hotwired a auto and they escaped once more. Their escapade ended when Granda fell unconscious at the coach shelter while they were on the tally from the constabulary. Finally. Rory had to inquire for aid and Granda was sent to the infirmary. There. they were reunited with Jeff. Rory’s male parent and his new household. Therefore. we can see that the fire that caused Rory and Granda to be separated triggered other events which changed their lives everlastingly. In the terminal. Rory’s jobs were solved when they could remain someplace near his male parent and they besides received place aid for Granda and their repasts are taken attention of by ‘meals on wheels’ .

Fictional character that you like:

Rory- at Rachnadar he hatches a program for the both of them to get away. They win and travel on the tally. This shows that Rory is a smart and brave male child. Rory is besides really patient with Granda and barely of all time scolds him. Although Rory loves Granda he has no job stating him away if he has made a error. He does non wish it when Granda called the travellers as tinkers. He tells his Granda non to name them that as it might pique them. Rory is besides really protective of his Granda. He is annoyed when the nurse in the old folks’ place treated Granda as if he was stupid. Despite his immature age. I think Rory is more responsible and wise than many grownups. He has to look after his Granda and do forfeits for him. Yet he remains cheerful and takes attention of Granda with love. forbearance and apprehension. I find him admirable and like his character the best in this narrative.

3. Using inside informations from the novel you have read province whether you like or dislike the stoping of the narrative. Give grounds for your reply.

In the novel. Catch Us If You Can. ends the narrative on a reasonably happy note. Rory is able to acquire his gramps off from the place he disliked and Rory himself is able to get away being in a children’s place. Right from the beginning of the narrative we find that the bond of love between Rory and his Granda to be really strong. They do non desire to be separated at all. Being sent to the several places was lay waste toing to them. Therefore they decide to run off. Rory decides to look for his long lost male parent who lives in Liverpool but Granda is non cognizant of his purpose. When he does happen out Rory’s purpose. Granda is most unhappy as he feels that his boy had abandoned him and the household in times of demand.

In the terminal Jeff. the boy. turns up and the household has a opportunity to be together. Rory and Granda live in a level non far from where Jeff lives with his household. Now the household is together. Rory has a male parent and Granda has a boy. Rory has a opportunity to acquire an instruction and unrecorded with his ailing gramps for every bit long as possible. The stoping is full of hope for a better hereafter. It is non a fairy narrative stoping. It gives chances for an mean household to take an ordinary but happy life.

4. Which character in the novel you have read alterations for the better as the narrative proggresses? Give grounds for your reply. utilizing information signifier the novel. In the novel. Catch Us If You Can by Chaterine MacPhail. the character who changes for the better is Granda. Granda has certain biass and frights. He is angry with his boy. Jeff for abandoning the household and is afraid of being rejected. He does non desire Rory to look for his male parent and does non desire a reunion with him but when it happens. he is thrilled with his new grandchildren and accepts the fact that Jeff has besides changed and is more responsible now. Granda dislikes the itinerants and thinks poorlyof them.

But they help him and Rory and travel out of their manner to do certain they escape from the constabulary. They show much love and compassion towards Granda and Rory and this makes him gain that he has misjudged them. He vows ne’er to state anything rough against them. Granda was ab initio leery of Rab. the unsmooth garage proprietor but ulterior realises that he is a adult male who is capable of great concern and kindness. Granda finds many caring people through is journey and realises that there are many compassionate people in the universe. Granda decidedly changes for the better as his experiences bring him life-changing brushs with good people.

5. Based on the novel you have read. compose about a character who you feel prossesses strong finding. Support you answer with information from the novel.

In the fresh Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail. the character. the character who possesses strong finding is Rory. Rory is an astonishing 11 twelvemonth old who acts with great assurance and finding to achive what he wants. Rory wants to maintain his gramps out of the old folks’ place and he does precisely that. He plans the great flight and with great attempt and strivings. manages to take him to his friend. Darren’s mother’s train. From there he has to be on the tally from the constabulary. The flight takes them through many experiences and episodes which teach Rory and his Granda many valuable lessons about the kindness and compassion of aliens.

Rory is able to accept the result of these experiences merely because he is determined to salvage his Granda from the suffering topographic point. Rachnadar. If he had faltered in his purpose. he would hold non got the understanding and the support of so many people. The populace showed their support for him because they saw a determined small male child seeking to maintain his Granda from the dreadeed topographic point. Rory sacrifices his instruction and the company of his friends for the interest of his gramps. Rory looks for his long lost male parent to assist him to salvage his grandfat

Most memorable event:

The novel I have studied is Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail and I find the most memorable event is when Rory and his Granda had to travel off from Darren’s mother’s train after Darren sent him a message stating him that the authorization had known where Rory and his Granda were. It is a memorable event because from there Rory and Granda started to hold more interesting escapades. They were suffering for being separated from each other and placed in different places. Here at the train site. they were happy at last. The train was suited because it was located in a distant country and it was a luxury as it was well-stocked. Rory was cheerily surprised to hold a glance of his old Granda who is ‘capable. in charge and looking after him’ . There were amusing episodes excessively.

For case. Rory had to press his gramps to travel faster and in making so. he could see it was really amusing because Granda was seeking hard non to demo his terror. Granda was besides burying his places which Rory had to jostle the places to his pess while wrapping his coat and scarf around him and besides buttoning his jacket every bit good. Rory had besides non bury his grandfather’s things including the nutrient and warm apparels. The event is besides memorable because Rory and Granda were ever alert for the authorization non to acquire them. He was careful non to allow his gramps lose the manner by taking and drawing his grandfather’s manus at him. He besides flung his manus phone into the shrubs because it would be useless to him since the phone had run out of battery and there was no manner for him to bear down it. It is a memorable event because from there Rory and Granda met more kind-hearted people who jumped in to give them a assisting manus.

For case. the adult male. Sammy and his boy. Tyrone. Rory and Granda met them earlier at the loch while they were angling the other twenty-four hours and Granda had called them ‘tinkers’ . The ‘tinkers’ helped them by giving them a drive in their train to acquire off from the cantonment site which was full of constabularies and their searchparty. Sammy’s married woman. Ruby gave Rory and Granda nutrient and drinks in the journey. Rory and Granda learnt a valuable lesson from the travelers that it is unwise to judge and label people. Not everyone is the same. Ruby and Sammy demonstrate that there are people who are willing to assist without anticipating any returns. This besides tells us that non all aliens that we meet are bad people or unkind. We should larn to esteem people in order for people to esteem us. In decision. the most memorable event from this novel is the portion when Rory and Granda got off from the train because this has caused them to confront more interesting escapades and encountered with kindhearted people like Sammy. Ruby and Tyrone. ( Adapted from Model Pecutan Akademik SPM JPN Kelantan )


1. Granda throws Rory’s prep One twenty-four hours. Granda absent-mindedly throws off Rory’s prep and keeps rubbish in Rory’s bag. Rory is non angry. He knows Granda does non make it on intent. What does this event state us? — Rory – a patient male child loves his Granda so much that he understands his Granda’s status. — Theme – love. household relationship. — Lesson learnt – we must love the seniors and be patient with them

2. The Separation. Rory is sent to Castle Street and Granda to Rachnadar After the fire at the level. Rory is sent to Castle Street and Granda to Rachnadar. Rory is non happy. Granda does non wish to remain at that place and he is disquieted and calls. Rory sees Granda sitting on his bed and weeping at Rachnadar. It breaks his bosom. Granda and Rory can non populate without each other. Rory decides to run away with Granda What does this event state us? — Rory – loving. responsible. can non populate without Granda — Theme – love. household relationship — Lesson learnt – we should love our household and be responsible

3. The Great Escape Rory plans the Great Escape. Darren suggests concealment in his mother’s train. Rory carefully carries out his program. He packs his and Granda’s things. He visits Granda after school. as usual. He wedges open the exigency issue. Subsequently that dark. he sneaks into Rachnadar and takes Granda off from at that place. What does this event state us? · Rory – a brave male child. a individual of action. loving. responsible. can non populate without Granda · Theme – challenges of turning up and get bying with duty · Lesson learnt – we should be brave to face challenges in life and make what we think is right.

Important event

In the novel “Catch Us If You Can” by Cathrine MacPhail. the portion that I like most is the great flight Rory plans the Great Escape for three yearss after Darren suggests concealment in his mother’s train. He gives Rory the trim key to the train. Rory carefully carries out his program. He packs his and Granda’s things. He visits Granda after school. as usual. He wedges open the exigency issue. Subsequently that dark. he visits Granda and prepares Granda by dressing him up and so tells him that he is acquiring out of the place. Rory takes Granda off from there while Val is holding java with the nurses. Both of them successfully sneak out through the exigency issue and out to a quiet train station where they are non noticed. They arrive at the train concluding halt and travel uphill in a all right mizzle and so up a long twist way that leads to the train site.

I like this portion the most because it shows that Rory is a loving male child. He loves his Granda so much that he could non stand looking at his granda weeping and experiencing sad remaining at Rachnadar. Because of this. he is determined to take Granda out from Rachnadar. This portion of the narrative besides shows us how determined Rory is in doing his flight a success. He can non populate without his Granda who has brought him up and taken attention of him since he was a babe. and because of that he takes the hazard to take his Granda out from Rachnadar. I besides think that this is the start of all the escapades and challenges of Rory’s and granda’s lives. They meet with a batch of people and are ever on the tally so that they are non caught. It makes the narrative interesting and leads to the happy stoping when Rory is reunited with his male parent.


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