Theme Of Deception in “Othello” Essay

September 8, 2017 General Studies

Throughout “Othello” . the subject of misrepresentation dramas an of import function. The arch-deceiver in this drama is Iago. Iago’s repeated misrepresentation moves the drama frontward to the flood tide and finally to the tragic stoping. Although misrepresentation is ever meant to lead on. the grade of misrepresentation varies upon the context of the state of affairs. Another character that exhibits misrepresentation is Desdemona. The misrepresentation shown by Desdemona has a different purpose as compared to Iago’s.

Iago wants to acquire retaliation on Othello. The purposes of Iago are hurtful and evil. An illustration of this is when Iago says to Othello. “She did lead on her male parent. get marrieding you” ( III. 3. 238 ) . Iago wants to ache Othello by puting uncertainty in his head that Desdemona could be unfaithful. Iago does this with full purposes to anger Othello. Another incident in where Iago deceives Othello is in Act IV. Iago tricks Othello into believing that he is speaking with Cassio about his matter with Desdemona. Othello tickers from afar believing that Cassio is stating Iago all about his relationship with Desdemona and Othello gets outraged.

In the conversation they say. Iago – “Ply Desdemona good and you are certain on’t. Now if this suit lay in Bianca’s power. How rapidly should you rush! ”Cassio -“Alas. hapless caitiff! ”Othello – “ ( aside ) Look. how he laughs already! ” ( IV. 1. 23-127 ) Othello tickers from afar believing that Cassio is stating Iago all about his relationship with Desdemona. This conversation outrages Othello. Iago is really speaking with Cassio about Bianca. When Cassio laughs. Othello thinks that Cassio is express joying at Desdemona. Using verbal misrepresentation. Iago was able to do Othello angry by stating him he would speak with Cassio about Desdemona.

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Iago deceives non merely Othello. but Cassio and Roderigo every bit good. Iago takesadvantage of his friendly relationships with Cassio every bit good as Roderigo. At the beginning of the drama. there is a party in Cyprus and Iago negotiations with Cassio and urges him to hold a good clip. Cassio blindly follows Iago. believing the full clip that Iago is seeking to assist him. During this whole clip. Iago plans the death of Cassio. his supposed friend. In order to obtain Cassio’s place as lieutenant. Iago convinces Cassio to take another drink. cognizing really good that it will do him imbibe and dishonor him ( II. 2. 38 ) .

Iago tells Roderigo that Desdemona will finally roll from Othello to be with Cassio ( II. 1. 240 ) Iago convinces Roderigo to get down a wrangle that dark with Cassio so that he will be stripped of his lieutenancy and expression bad in the eyes of Othello. Cassio ends up knifing Montano because Iago got him imbibe. This misrepresentation by Iago is one of the most of import parts of the drama. When Cassio looks bad in forepart of Othello it opens up the doors for Iago to set more bad ideas into Othello’s caput. Iago is able to surmise with Othello that Desdemona has been kiping with Cassio. Iago would non hold been able to convert Othello had Cassio still be extremely regarded and Othello’s lieutenant.

Desdemona besides uses misrepresentation throughout the drama. The manner in which Desdemona uses it is wholly different than Iago. Desdemona’s misrepresentation is more elusive and her purposes are non to ache others. In the beginning of the drama. Desdemona deceives her male parent by traveling behind his dorsum and marrying Othello in secretiveness. Brabantio says. “O. she deceives me past idea! ” ( I. 1. 184-185 ) Desdemona knows that by non stating her male parent that she is merely detaining the inevitable hurting that he will see when he finds out. She deceived her male parent out of love and her purposes were charitable. This is really of import in the part to the narrative because Iago is able to utilize Desdemona’s misrepresentation of her male parent as some base that she is being unfaithful to Othello.

Misrepresentation is shown throughout “Othello” by many characters. most notably Iago. Desdemona besides deceives her male parent. Through misrepresentation. Iago creates the visual aspect of good. which finally fools the people around him into believing he is loyal and honest. The footing of Iago’s success comes from the carefully built trust with single characters. The misrepresentation shown by Iago is the footing of the narratives patterned advance and he does it with retribution.


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