Theme of the poem We Be Real Essay

September 19, 2017 Communication

We Be Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks negotiations about school bead outs and the destiny of the seven pupils who opt non to travel to school any longer. The linguistic communication of the verse form is powerful plenty to uncover the messages of the pupils. It uses rebellious footings and words that imply vocal sentiments of the seven when it comes to remaining out of school and how they view it as cool. The verse form fundamentally negotiations about the world in dropping out of school.

The seven pupils in the verse form thought that being bead outs makes them cool because they can lounge everyplace without minding what will go on in the hereafter. They are cognizant that dropping out is a iniquitous action but they chose to remain that manner. There are certain imaginations in the verse form like how they pre-empt that they will decease shortly because the hereafter is unsure without proper instruction. The tone of the verse form is really much convincing on the portion of the pupils since they are excessively confident in the imperturbability of dropping out.

The verse form expresses the emotion of the immature pupils. How they enjoy being bead out and how they see themselves in the hereafter. The writer wanted to show herself in an dry mode. Although there are positive statements in the beginning of the verse form which reveals the imperturbability of dropping out of school. it still comes down to the fact that there is a dead terminal for them in the close hereafter. The verse form is really expressive in general.

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It uses the first individual to stand for the feelings of the bead outs and contains rhythmic words like wickedness and gin. cool and school. The unworried life of the seven bead outs made them bask their young person through intoxicant imbibing. playing pool and expressing awful linguistic communications. It can be viewed as cool since it is portion of their young person but the bottom line is that everything should be done in moderateness. Too much of everything is bad and this made the subject of the poem really evident in the terminal.


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