Theology of Revelation 3:15-20 Essay Sample

August 5, 2017 April 12th, 2019 Theology

Sacred Scripture. God’s fantastic gift to humanity. fundamentally everything we know about Him comes from Sacred Scripture. without Sacred Bible we would be hopeless. As St. Francis of Assisi said “It is good to read the testimonies of Bible ; it is good to seek the Lord our God in them. As for me. nevertheless. I have already made so much of Scripture my ain that I have more than plenty to chew over on and turn over in my head. I need no more. . . I know Christ. the hapless crucified One. ” For me this quotation mark is stating how can we happen the Lord without Scripture. Bible started from divinely divine writers stating God’s narrative by either word of oral cavity or through authorship. “By love. God has revealed himself and given himself to adult male.

He has therefore provided the unequivocal. superabundant reply to the inquiries that adult male asks himself about the significance and intent of his life. ” This love that God has revealed Himself in. can come in the signifier of Bible. Because the true intent of Sacred Scripture is to assist us as Christians to cognize God better. The biggest disclosure in the Bible would hold to be Revelation written by St. John. St. John. the “theologian” . besides one of the 12 Apostles but even before that he was a humble fisherman ; which show how Christ can do the best out of anyone. St. John was called out by Christ to be an Apostle and was one of the first Christians.

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While John was exiled at Patmos he received heavenly vision with the instructions to compose them down ( Brown ) . Some theologists say that Revelations was written because at the clip the Church was being mislead in its instructions and being attacked by the Satan. As a whole Revelations was written to the seven churches in Asia warning them to be careful and stick to the Word but in this transition. Revelations 3:15-20. specifically St. John is composing to Laodicea. Besides in Revelations everything from the Old and New Testaments are being tied together to assist the reader understand what already happened and what is to come.

The one chief message in Revelations was of what must take topographic point as the Church goes through great trials to its victory in Eden. As it was mentioned before Revelations was and is a caputs up to every Christian in the universe. Another intent of the Books of Revelations is to name Christians to repentant and regenerate themselves spiritually and convey them back to the true fidelity of the Word of God. Within Revelations 3:15-20 there is a deeper significance in the word St. John uses merely like in other parts of Revelations. Revelations 3:15 starts out with “I know your workss. that you are neither cold nor hot ; I wish that you were cold or hot. ”

About in a actual sense this poetry means that ‘you’ are open and do non cognize which side ‘you’ are on. However in a moral sense it is stating that you are non to the full committed to faith in Christ and cold is meant to those who are guilty of great wickednesss while those who are hot are avid in the service of God. As the poetry continues. 3:16. “So because you are tepid. and neither hot nor cold. I will ptyalize you out of My oral cavity. ” Since this individual is non cold nor hot logically they would hold to be tepid. Unlike the other poetry this one does non hold a deeper religious significance but instead a deeper geographical intending the hot springs of Hierapolis across the Lycus river from Laodicea. which would hold been lukewarm by the clip they reached Laodicea.

The favourite poetry out of this transition is 3:17 because it can be taken from that clip period and still do sense in this clip. “Because you say. “I am rich. and have become affluent. and have need of nil. ” and you do non cognize that you are wretched and suffering and hapless and unsighted and bare. ” . This poetry has many different “layer” or significances for illustration morally this poetry is stating that holding material wealth can rob you of religious prosperity.

Which can name to mind another poetry in the New Testament where Jesus talks about how difficult it would for a rich adult male to come in Eden ( Matt 19:24 ) . Another poetry that has many deeper moral and religious significances is 3:18. “I advise you to purchase from Me gold refined by fire so that you may go rich. and white garments so that you may dress yourself. and that the shame of your nudity will non be revealed ; and oculus ointment to anoint your eyes so that you may see. ”

When it says “I advise you to purchase from Me gold refined by fire” the religious significances is that the love of God purified by tests and problems in this life we be rewarded in the godly life. The religious significance of “white garments so that you may dress yourself. and that the shame of your nudity will non be revealed” white garment symbolized a happy. good life.


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