Theories by telling funny histories for promoting

April 21, 2019 Sports

Theories applied by Red Bull

Red Bull uses different strategies to promote their products around the world, some of them are not very common. Those innovative strategies are aimed to target people looking for energy, young and professional people that has a life style related to music, sports, arts and fashion. The company in Brazil works primarily in advertising, sponsorship to athletes and presence in different events across the country.

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The company uses advertisements on television that are usually cartoons where the messages are indirect, these is a response of a high context culture, where the messages are not explicit and the company can take an approach of comedy by telling funny histories for promoting their products. Red Bull emphasizes in linking with the culture, where the story-telling of the advertisements have elements that are part of the Brazilian culture such as: beaches, pets, religion, sports and others. Those advertisements are always accompanied by the worldwide slogan of Red Bull: ¨Gives you wings¨, but due to the adaptation of the strategies in each country the slogan used in Brazil is ¨Red Bull te da asas¨. The slogan used is a hyperbole that refers to the energy produced by the beverage.

Moreover, Red Bull has been recognized for having presence in different events and sponsor different athletes and sports all over the world, Brazil is not the exception. Red Bull has targeted people with a define life style, people that are related to sports and music, so the company works on presence of the beverage by promoting events such as


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