Theories of the Formation of Romantic Relationships Essay

August 20, 2017 History

Describe and measure two or more theories of the formation of romantic relationships ( 8+16 )

One theory put frontward for the formation of romantic relationships was by Murstein – called the Matching Hypothesis. Murstein argued that we all desire the best looking individual ; nevertheless we accept that this may non go on. so we go for people with a similar attraction to ourselves. It makes us far less likely to endure rejection. So. in theory. Murstein’s statement is basically based on physical attraction and does non take into history personality. Murstein says that ego regard can besides impact this procedure.

If person suffers from a low ego regard. they are more likely to travel for person who is non every bit good looking as them to seek and hike their regard. This besides works in contrary. if person has a high ego esteem they will travel for person who they believe is ‘out of their league’ as they feel they have the assurance to do them their spouse. Murstein besides carried out research to back up his theory. He studied 99 twosomes who were dating and compared them with indiscriminately paired twosomes. He found that the existent twosomes were systematically rated as more alike in degrees of attraction.

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Murstein’s theory can be credited as it offers an account of how people with low ego esteem happen relationships – something that hasn’t been history for in many other theories of the formation of romantic relationships. Murstein besides has farther research that supported his findings which was carried out by Silverman. He rated dating twosomes in a saloon in similar degrees of attraction. However we have to account for Silverman’s survey that the two people in the saloon may hold merely been friends. merely because there was a miss and a male child doesn’t automatically mean that they are in a relationship. Besides. Silverman’s survey is culturally bias – day of the months in bars may non go on in all states and therefore it would be hard to generalize the findings.

Besides. both Murstein’s and Silverman’s study’s have researcher prejudice – the degree of someone’s attraction is a affair of sentiment ; what person could happen really attractive may non be attractive for another individual at all. It is a subjective step. Individual differences are besides non accounted for e. g. person may hold a fetish. Furthermore. in Murstein’s theory he talks about ego regard. and although it is a valid point he has raised. the term ego regard is really stiff. It doesn’t history for people’s picks and determinations. Finally. in the surveies. short and long term relationships have non been established – is it just for Murstein to categorize people who have been together for a hebdomad and people who have been together for a twelvemonth?

The 2nd theory of the formation of romantic relationships is the Filter Model of Attraction. This was devised by Kerchoff and Davis. They stated that people rely on a figure of societal and personal factors to filtrate possible relationships. We use three filters to assist us contract down possible spouses. The first of the three filters is social/demographic variables e. g. ethnicity. race. faith and societal category. The 2nd is similar attitudes or internal values and eventually. the last is complementary of demands – will they carry through each others demands. They argued if a possible spouse ticks all three boxes so we are more likely to come in a relationship with them. Research from Bossard supports the theory ; he found that half of the twosomes who applied to acquire married in Philadelphia lived within a few proceedingss walk of each other. However. his findings aren’t really strong. it wasn’t the bulk of people who he surveyed. it was half.

The Filter Model of Attraction is excessively deterministic. it doesn’t history for the natural free will that everybody possess. Another major failing is that it fails to account for inter-racial relationships – the first filter is that we are more likely to travel into a relationship with person if they are the same race as us – nevertheless it is non uncommon at all in today’s society for people of different races to come in a relationship. In add-on. arranged matrimonies are non accounted for in this theory. as that is down to the parents and the kids have no pick in who they spend their lives with. so they do non use this filter at all. Finally. the filter theoretical account of attractive force deficiency empirical grounds – there is no research to back up it. On the other manus. we can happen some support in the matching hypothesis which besides states that people of the same race are more likely to handle them as a possible spouse.


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