There fast food restaurants increases every day.

April 9, 2019 Health

There are over 826,000 businesses fast food services around the world. Popularity of fast food restaurants increases every day. For the last thirty years, there has been a constant annual increase of 6.8% in the consumption of fast food. Some of the many causes of the popularity of fast food restaurants are: their availability, their affordable prices, and their unique tastes. People may consider fast food as a way to make life easier; nevertheless consuming fast food regularly has many effects such as: obesity and it can actually destroy a person’s life.
There are many reasons behind the popularity of fast food restaurants, for example their availability. Wherever anyone goes these days, there is a fast food branch. The availability of fast food restaurants caused people to grab a bite whenever they get a chance, which affects people’s health and causes obesity that may lead to hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. “For instance, children that have a fast food restaurant within 0.10 miles of their school have a 5.2% greater chance of being obese. For pregnant women, the same distance to fast food restaurants increases their obesity odds by 2.5%. No other restaurant types have any correlation with obesity rates.” (Sanna, 2006)
Another reason for the popularity of fast food restaurants is that it’s usually cheaper than actual restaurants and brings on the food much faster; a person could actually get what he/she ordered within a few minutes. While this may be considered a big help for a working person who doesn’t have the time to cook, a person who has a limited time for lunch break, or for a student who needs to get a quick lunch between classes, fast food contains a huge amount of calories due to the loads of sugar and fats that affects people’s health and can cause high cholesterol.
The reason people like fast food so much is that each restaurant has its special taste. Each restaurant adds its own combination of spices and salsas to create the best flavor to attract customers. While customers think the more flavors that the food has the better the restaurant, these flavor are high in sodium from salt and other additives which causes a person to eat it more and more.

The popularity of fast food increases every day. People, especially who work full days and students, are considering fast food as an everyday food without realizing how much effects it has on their health. Having a fast food branch at every corner, in addition to low prices and quick services have led people to ignore the fact that fast food lacks nutrition value and causes serious damage to a person’s health. Fast food is a way to help people when they are in a hurry, but depending on it for every meal could case weight gain and heart problems; instead, they should rely on fruits and vegetables as snacks.

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