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April 24, 2019 General Studies

There is many internally and externally factors may impact to organization on resourcing talent, Must be considered when we are thinking for attractive environment for the talent including but not limited:
Political Factors
Political decisions may be impact to organizations some time the government decides to cutting the relation between some countries which will be impact to economic generally or directly to organization when it is working based on the cutting relation country which makes difficult situation to the organization which will be effect to the organization image.

Government Factors:
When government looking solution of unemployment issue which will be increase localization rate may be will be a negative impact to organizations as they think about how filled numbers only not talented resourcing Or sometimes government Increase the taxes against expats which will be reflected negatively to the organizations thus totally effect to resourcing talent.

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Justice and Equality of Opportunities:
Focus on justice and equality of organization opportunities Selection process, L&D and promotion for example, Avoidance of discrimination and favoritism internally very important factor and will be help the organizations to build attractive environment and respected culture thus resourcing talents it is reputation and Branding for any organization.

Job Descriptions:
It must be impact on resourcing talent if you have clear and organize Job descriptions for all organization vacancy clarify responsibilities and requirements this will be respected internally from employees and externally for the candidates when applying to the vacant job.


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