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February 7, 2019 Nursing

These elements reflect on how professionals need to interact, whether online or in person. Each industry group cultures include the following to interact well with others such as language and behavior, attitude and beliefs, values and interests, education and training, tools and equipment used and how they interact with others in the defined profession.
my desired culture field is nursing and I have wanted to become a Nurse since I was growing up. My interview choice is my boss who is the administrator for McCauley convent sisters of mercy, Her company is a Christian based private organization for the retired nuns, and it has been in existent for many years. I found out the importance of being a good nurse that led to the role of an administrator. Sat down to talk with her actually helped me to understand the duties of a good nurse, she impact so much knowledge in me on how to become a nurse
The nursing administration must use a standard nursing language that will facilitate clinical behavior is responsible in managing the entire nursing facility and in charge of the nursing department such as, hospital, and other agencies and all employees seek advice from her.

The Attitudes and Beliefs of a nursing administrator, they must have advanced knowledge of nursing care and advance care planning. They must well prepare when taking the position to become a nursing administrator especially with dementia patient
The requirement of a nursing administrator is to have a bachelor’s degree and must pursue an RN, and MSN degree before becoming an administrator. The responsibility of an administrator is to manage nursing staffs in the nursing department. The nursing administrator is responsible for hiring and training newly hired nurses and CNA and also makes sure the resident is having enough care. She is responsible for budgeting for the facility and meeting the needs of employees, client, resident, and their families, the administrator is known for doing “whatever they want”, but at the same time, they played a very vital part of the company. They approve certain documents for the company and make the final decisions, she serves as the role model and mentors for all the workers especially the nurses. There is a possibility that I might one-day look into the training to become an administrator
Discussing with my boss about her duties was pretty interesting; because I am one of her best Certify Nursing Assistant so I already knew some of the job duties I have to accomplish.
The main areas of the nursing administrator are to communicate effectively with coworkers and client. In order to help gain trust from patients, colleagues, and staff the administrator must listen when someone speaks and constantly interacting with coworkers and client. Skills such as public speaking, writing, presenting, and listening are important for a successful leader must be enforced. A nursing leader must also be aware of their body language and facial expression

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