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February 6, 2019 General Studies

These days, most violent video games are banned. Most people find that violent video games make people’s behavior aggressive. Although most people think that violent video games should be banned I strongly feel that violent video games should not be banned.

Violent video games are like normal games, it is used for entertainments. The violent video games company are like another industry, there are harsh with a strict code and parental control. The company controls the graphics and content of the games. Most parents failed to realize that they let their children watch violent movies than playing violent video games. Violent video games sold create a lot of entertain. If it banned, that country economy will lose the enormous number of profit. In the 21st century, violent video games are one of the most favorites of entertainment to adult and teenager. If it got banned, it might have a negative effect on adult and teenager.

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Violent video games do not boost aggression. After playing violent video games, the video games normally would not lead to violent and aggressive. Playing video game like shooting games, the graphic of realism does not change anything. Through many researchers found that people that play violent video games do not always have agressive behavior.

Violent video games also have a positive effect. It helps on social, family and brain development. There is no actual evidence between violent video games and aggressive behavior. It develops a skill like reading, calculating, problem-solving and collaboration. It helps people learn about social and build empathy. Games can also bring family bonding because they are able to spend time together.

In the end, violent video games are not supposed to be ban because it helps people entertain, develop brain and bring positive to people who like playing violent video games.


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