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January 5, 2018 General Studies

Forrest Gums, released on July 6th, 1994, is an interesting movie directed by Robert Cosmetics, about a guy named Forrest Gums (Tom Hanks), and his encounters with Jenny Curran (Robin Wright), Lieutenant Dan Taylor (Gary Since), Forest Gums Jar. (Haley Joel Comment), Mrs.. Gums (Sally Field), and Bubby (Meekest Williamson) all based on the book by Winston Groom. This Film is about the life of Forrest Gums and the many things and situations he’s been through. The movie starts out with him on a bus bench, telling strangers his stories.

He talks about how his life was like Joining he army, how he falls in love with his best friend Jenny, his scrimping company, and a lot more. The movie had many historical accurate events but the characters are not based on real people. During the movie, Jenny took Forrest to a meeting of the Black Panther Party which was a revolution to prevent racism from 1966-1982. (presumptuous. Webby. Com)Jenny takes Forrest to another meeting of the Hippie Movement which was a group of people who believed war was not right and expressed it in their own style during the mid sass. (presumptuous. Webby. Mom)Another historical event mentioned in the movie was he Vietnam War during 1955-1975 which Forrest took part in as a soldier. (presumptuous. Webby. Com) Forrest Gums was spanned for over 30 years during early sass to the early sass. The movie had many different sets including Savannah, Georgia, Vietnam, New York City and Washington, D. C. But the main setting was Forest’s hometown, Greenberg, Alabama. The sets were depicted well and seemed very realistic. Especially when Forrest Joined the army and they were attacked, it looked very life like. It also seemed realistic when Forrest ran from coast to coast.

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The graphics of the movie were well all around. This Film was very good. The movie was very interesting during every point. This movie was so great that no weaknesses could even be identified. All actors fitted there parts really well, especially Tom Hanks and how he was pictured to be dumb. Even though the film was done years ago it wouldn’t have been made differently today. Its pictured exactly how you would imagine what life was like back then. The only thing that could’ve made this film better, is if the characters didn’t seem so mean towards Forrest. I would definitely recommend this movie. Thesis paragraph By racketeering


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