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America is a pre war country, psychologically unprepared for one thing to go wrong. Now everything seems to be going wrong.

Consumption, the gadgets in home are cheaper to replace than repair.

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The decay of services, His car needs mechanics, and mechanics grow more expensive and less efficient.
America, the world’s biggest consumer, is the world’s biggest polluter.

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The main points that Burges makes are how America’s consumption is diminishing to the point where the things that we buy are cheaper to replace rather than try to repair them. A good example of this would be how Apple makes their older Iphones obsolete every six years so that you have to go out and buy a newer version. Another point would be that even though America produces so many goods we still are one of the world’s biggest polluters according to World Resources institute we have we have to highest cumulative CO2 emissions from 1850 to 2011 which would be 27%. The final support of the thesis would be that our education is not what it used to be, or is in other countries.

I do agree that America is Falling apart

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Mrs Perrin
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Is America Falling Apart Analysis
In “Is America Falling Apart” by Anthony Burgess , Burgess is explaining his views on how America is doing as a whole. He makes points that are supporting that America is falling apart but he also seems to be holding out hope that America can still turn it’s fate around. This topic is very controversial because many could argue that the government has a plan and they know what they are doing, but then one could say that they are doing this purposely so that the government can make money. But debate is not the reason for this essay,nor is it to answer the question he asks in the title, the purpose is to enlighten the reader about information that some may not have known about so that the reader can make their own choice on the matter if America is “falling apart at the seams”. Burgess does not ever show that he supports a definite side on the matter of this argument, he provides both supporting thoughts and facts, but at the same time thoughts that tear down America. Some negative thoughts would be the fact that he states
But far worse is the nightmare of travel in and around Los Angeles, where public transport does not exist and people are literally choking to death in their exhaust fumes. This is part of the price of individual ownership.

Another fact that tears down America is the fact that companies make goods that are cheaper to replace than repair. Apple is a prime example of this every year they come out with a new iphone but then as the old ones start to become slow compared to the new ones they make the older versions obsolete so that instead of going to get it repaired one would be better off buying the new version. A supporting fact of America would be when he says we are over-indulged in the quality of life that we are materialistic enough that we will work for something if one really wants that object. It is my thought that I think that America is falling apart and that even though this essay was written in 1970 it still applies to Americans today, that we need to learn from the past and make the US worth coming to.

I think that America is falling apart because as I have grown up I hear and learn about all these people who thought America is so great and that it is a land of freedom and opportunity, but I have never once felt the same way. I feel as if the every business is trying to shake money out of use. Not only with Apple but with school to, I have been paying book fees for twelve years and most years I never use these books at the most once a school year. Burgess also made a good and valid point that things are cheaper to replace than to repair now. If a flip phone you have breaks it is much cheaper to go to virizion and get another one than to go on amazon and pay for the piece and shipping. I also agree with the fact that we have become to materialistic

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