They a sharp sting of unavoidable pleasure

February 20, 2019 Construction

They say the mad lover is drugged often by the exhaustion of the confusing state they are in. It is like drowning. Drowning in an ocean with nothing to hold on. Although they will not be able to breathe, they will still feel a sharp sting of unavoidable pleasure around themselves. They will still desire to keep on drowning, to keep on losing their consciousness, to keep on feeling the honeyed pain. It is like drowning, drowning deep.
The Architect behind the construction of the well of Love and Madness perhaps had a more hidden, more mysterious purpose behind the action of mixing the crystal waters of both Love and Madness into one very dusky fusion. It has always been a very curious thing, yet a Human being is bound to fall in love at least once in their lifetime; if they don’t, it would either mean they are isolated from this living world (being in coma, for instance) or that they have some fatal mental issues. Falling in love may be described in multiple ways. For some, it is like a roller coaster ride; the body falls heavily just as the wind rushes through the nostrils from the opposite direction and before anyone realizes anything, a blinding windstorm is built where the body and the soul is separately held together. For others, it is a calmer experience. A click, a thud and a light beat of the vulnerable heart and it is realized that the soul has been held captive in the dominion of some unfathomable infatuation. Yet for some others, it might be totally different and unknown and interesting too. While these are experiences of love that is returned, we need to focus on the one intensely felt and yet is not reciprocated. These lovers, beware, are unfortunately a majority. Their fall is more like rolling down a steep grassy hill that has sharp stones jutting from its sides; it hurts awfully yet the grassy spots soothe the wounds afflicted on the body and in the mind. Or we could compare their fall with the prospect of drowning in light blue, deep water with nothing to hold on, with no one to ask help from. Even so we see the mad lover still loves to roll painfully and still desires to drown helplessly.
Madness is a sub-branch of Love, a younger brother with big goals for it is madness that is, what we call “falling in love”. People who suffer from madness do not realize their actions, do not understand their surroundings and do not recognize their identity. Their world is what, we the rational, civilized and practical ones do not try to see. It is the world where they find pleasure in breaking the rules, in living the way they desire. It is a world they seek, by giving up their sanity; a great price yet worth it. Individuals suffering from madness is led to that condition either by their own actions or by outer forces that include society, family or an ideology. People are pushed towards insanity where they seek for those things which they never got while they were sane. It is like dreaming, a dangerous mirage, where everything is back to normal or everything is how you want it to be. These people are constantly moving in a motion similar to that of falling in water whilst not knowing how to swim. Their movements are however, not agitated. They are rather composed and relaxed, even though they feel pure agony with every wave of overwhelming thoughts that strikes their unwary chest. Even so, they still like to be there. They still desire to drown and drown deeper.

The intense pleasure of taking drugs as a metaphysical method of gaining comfort and a solver of all problems is not to be sketched suitably by a person who has never indulged in this profane ecstasy. However, with the help of the tales of hearsay and drama, perhaps an analogy could be drawn. Being under the influence of a certain drug could be like being cut off from the world we live in and transcending to a world where all we see is a problem-free existence filled with all that we desire. This transcendental journey ends with madness as the reality welcomes the individual with a cheery punch right on spot. The drug addict, despite this fact, loves to make this journey, albeit for a limited time. He seeks comfort in drugs as a last resort where he is welcomed into a breathtaking hold of madness and a rib-breaking embrace of love and affection that he never had. Despite this, he desires to fly, desires to fall, desires to be overwhelmed by drowning in the mind-boggling abyss that never ends.
Why are these three different elements discussed simultaneously? It is evident. A person in love becomes a victim of madness, a man afflicted with madness is then imperiled with drugs, either in the form of their beloved or in the shape of tiny capsules of Cariprazine. They all complement each other; Love, Madness and Drugs. They all cause the same feelings to be generated and give a similar experience to be felt. They push our heads in suffocating, yet equally pleasing realms, where we feel the pain of not being able to move or breathe; a sharp sense of claustrophobic captivity. However, we still desire to be subjected by the aching. It might be defined as the blindness of body and soul, but it is not comprehensible, for neither Love, Madness nor Drugs possess any probable explanation. These elements turn a human into an imaginary, irrational fool, castaways for some, and a hero for many. A mad person may be mad for he was rejected in love, a drug addict might have resorted to drugs under the heavy defeat of rejection, while a lover desiring to touch their beloved yet restricted to boundaries , might be led to both Madness and Drugs! They all are interconnected within separate dissections. There is no way to prevent these elements, it is paradoxical. It is what keeps such people alive; the lover, the mad one and the drug addict. It is what defines them. It makes them who they are.

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