Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Essay

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Drumhead: Thingss Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe explores the coming of the white adult male and its effects on the civilization of the people of Umuofia. The coming of the white adult male brought about civilization struggle which affects the people of Umuofia’s faith. their agribusiness. their judicial system and their societal life.

The coming of the white adult male affects the people of Umuofia’s faith and cause civilization struggle. The people of umuofia have many Gods. Agbala- the prophet of the Hills and Caves. “People come from far and near to confer with it” . Peoples consult it when they have dispute with their neighbours and besides. they can detect what their future held for them from this God. Chi is besides a personal God which justice people by the work of their custodies. They besides believed that if they say yes that their qis besides says yes. The people of Umuofia are really obedient to their Gods. They don’t travel to war without confer withing their Gods. When a girl of Umuofia was killed in Mbaino. they didn’t merely make up one’s mind to travel for war or do things on their ain ; they consulted their Gods and they were asked to demand s chaps and a virgin from the people of Mbaino. However. if the people of Umuofia had non obeyed their Gods. and had gone to war that they were told non to travel. they would be defeated.

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Even when Okonkwo broke the hebdomad of peace by crushing his youngest married woman. he made the necessary forfeit as was besides demanded by their God. Okonkwo besides shot Ezeudu’s boy by chance. he had to travel on an expatriate for seven old ages which was a offense against the Earth goddess. If they had disobeyed the jurisprudence by leting Okonkwo to remain in the small town. the people believe that all the kin will be punished and their leaders said “if one finger brought oil it soiled the others” . More so. the people of Umuofia don’t desecrate their Gods. Their egwugwu who gives justness is feared by the adult females and their kids. Whenever the egwugwu is nearing. the adult females and kids ever shout and run off. They besides don’t unmask the mask. The masquerade’s individuality is non known by anyone who doesn’t belong to the clan’s secret cult. The faith of the people of Umuofia is wholly different from the white man’s faith.

This state of affairs caused a civilization struggle between the white adult male and the people of Umuofia. The white adult male wants to enforce his faith on the people of Umuofia. The white adult male believes in one God which he believes to hold made Eden and Earth. Besides said his God made the full universe and the Umuofia’s Gods. He wanted the people of Umuofia to abandon their Gods and follow his ain faith. The white work forces minimize the people of Umuofia’s Gods by stating different things about their Gods. The white adult male says that the people of Umuofia’s God are Gods of fraudulence who tell them to kill their chap and destruct guiltless kids. The white adult male says that their Gods are non alive and can non make them harm and that they are made of piece of wood and rock.

Hearing and seeing all these from the white adult male. the people of Umuofia were non happy with the white man’s faith which was a ground for a civilization struggle. The economic system of the people of Umuofia was out in struggle with the white man’s economic system. Agribusiness is the beginning of life in Umuofia. People’s wealths are based on the figure of barns they have. Peolple truly work hard on their farm to do crop. Both kids and married womans help on the farm to works yams. The people of Umuofia have a really good scene of agribusiness. For case. during the planting season. Okonkwo planted his yam from the smoldering Earth by doing rings of thick sisal leaves around them. This yam is so cherished to them that they celebrate a Fest of the New Year which was held every twelvemonth before the crop began to honour the Earth goddess and the hereditary liquors of the kin. On the other manus. the white adult male was more interested in doing money.

They made the agriculture worthless because their convert can utilize money to purchase the yams. Children no longer farm. they goes to school which was built by the white adult male. “The white adult male has besides brought a authorities and a system of running it” . They besides brought their ain trade. These causes a civilization struggle because the Umuofia’s economic value was disvalued. The white adult male set his ain economic system above their hard currency harvest ; thereby cut downing them to poverty. Rich people were reduced to hapless. everything they work really difficult for will be bought with money. The coming of the white adult male besides affects the signifier of justness in Umuofia. In Umuofia. everybody knows the jurisprudence. The egwugwu is the highest and concluding tribunal in Umuofia. They don’t have attorneies and they don’t tell prevaricators when describing their instances before the egwugwu.

There judgement is based on the true grounds. This can be seen when Uzowulu and Mgbafo came before the egwugwu to settle their difference. Each of them stands at different way to province their instances. “The egwugwu went to confer with together in their house” . The egwugwu settle their difference and they were all satified with it. Although Uzowulu knows the jurisprudence about crushing his married woman. he will non listen to any other determination except from the egwugwu. However. the white man’s signifier of justness is different. merely the translators and the Whites knows the regulations. They alos had built a tribunal where the District Commissioner justice instances in ignorance. The white adult male had tribunal couriers who brought work forces to him for test. “The tribunal couriers guard the prison. which was full of work forces who had offended against the white man’s laws” .

The tribunal couriers beat the captives and made them to work every forenoon uncluttering the authorities compound and bringing wood for the white commissioner and the tribunal couriers. Aneto and Oduche were contending a land. when Aneto killed Oduche. the white adult male justice this instance by hanging Aneto to decease and seting his household in the prison. One may believe that the people of Umuofia’s societal life were non affected but it was due to the civilization struggle which was caused by the white adult male. The people of Umuofia form the in an hierarchy criterion. that is. the male parent is at the top. followed by their married womans. and kids. Children fear their parents. Besides. their warriors were besides feared and respected. For case. Okonkwo defeated a grappler at the age of 18 and was placed at a higher degree. Although. he was still immature. everyone respected him. “At an early age. Okonkwo had achieved celebrity as the greatest grappler in all the land. ”

The castawaies or osu are the people they dedicate to a God. they will non get married nor be married by the free-born. They live in a particular country of the small town. shut to the Great Shrine. They are the underside of ladder kids. and they were non to blend with the free-born in any manner. On the other manus. the societal life of the white adult male is wholly different from that of the people of Umuofia which besides lead to a civilization struggle. The castaway or osu which are at the lower degree in the small town are now really of import people. They made the rich hapless and the hapless rich. The kins were really rich but after the coming of the white adult male. they were hapless and the castaway that was cipher was now rich. The white adult male allowed them to blend with free-born. Mr Kiaga told the church member that wanted to trail the castaway from the church that “they are all kids of God and they must have these their brother” .

He besides shaved the osu’s long and tangled hair before they were to the full member of the church. White adult male besides destroy the hierarchy of the people of Umuofia. Umoye who feared his male parent before the coming of the white adult male. disrespected his male parent after fall ining the white man’s faith. He no longer speak or see his male parent. “He told Mr. Kiaga that he had decided to travel to Umuofia. where the white missional had set up a school to learn immature Christians to read and compose. Their translators who the people of Umuofia know as weak people and non really strong. come from the small town were they fear the warriors of Umuofia. Those are the people that are now construing words to them.

“The white spoke through an translator who was an Ibo adult male though his idiom was different and rough to the ears of Mbanta” . The white adult male humiliated the leaders of Umuodia. When they put them in prison. their hair was shaved and their custodies were handcuffed. “At dark the courier came in to tease them and to strike hard their shaven caputs together” . The coming of the white adult male cause civilization struggle in the people of Umuofia’s faith. their agribusiness. their system of justness and their societal life. The white adult male is ethnocentric and there was besides linguistic communication and non-understanding of civilization barrier.


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