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In 1970 the United States of America introduced the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 which was enacted to halt the maltreatment of narcotics, stimulations, sedatives, psychedelic drugs, andanabolic steroids. Despite this, in 1971 Hunter S. Thompson under the name of “Raoul Duke” published his drug crazed escapade entitled Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Later on Terry Gilliam directed a movie version of the novel in 1998. An initial reading of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas reveals the subject of drug maltreatment as illustrated through, the chief character Duke ‘s changeless dependence on drugs. Upon farther analysis, it is apparent that Duke ‘s position of the universe has been altered due to his maltreatment of drugs which allows him to see the universe otherwise. By set abouting a comparative analysis of the text and the 1998 movie version, it is clear that the novels in-depth expression towards the American dream, the 1960 ‘s drug civilization, and the Las Vegas life manner concludes to a philosophical and intellectually book unlike the movie ‘s Hollywood take on this novel.

The American Dream is the promise of prosperity for the typical American citizen. In the novel it is evident that the depicted American Dream is that of Duke ‘s reading, while the film viewing audiences merely receive a filtered version of Duke ‘s ideas. These ideas have been diluted to fit the likings of the manager Gilliam. For illustration, Thompson writes:

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“You have no religion in the indispensable decency of the white adult male ‘s civilization. Jesus, merely one hr ago we were sitting over at that place in that stinking baiginio, rock broke and paralyzed for the weekend, when a call comes through from some entire alien in New York, stating me to travel to Las Vegas and disbursals be damned-and so sends me over to some office in Beverly Hills where another entire alien gives me $ 300 natural hard currency for no ground at all… I tell you, my adult male, this is the American Dream in action! We ‘d be fools non to sit this unusual gunman all the manner out to the end” ( Thompson page 11 ) .

This citation demonstrates Duke reading of the American Dream. Therefore, if this description was non included, it would be really hard for the reader to grok Dukes perceptual experience of the American Dream in action. Duke ‘s clear position on the American dream is obtained through old events taking up to this point that are stated in the such as being given an all disbursals paid trip to Las Vegas and a big amount of money without holding to make anything but reply a phone. However, the movie does non demo these past events. For case, Gilliam has Duke province, “This is the American dream in action. We ‘d be fools non to sit this unusual gunman all the manner out to the end” ( Gilliam ) . By go forthing out critical information like how Duke is non paying for the trip himself, the spectator is unable to to the full understand why this is the American Dream for Duke. The movie lacks to explicate Duke ‘s version of the American Dream and fails to supply the spectator with an apprehension of what precisely this Dream is. To reason, the novel is clear, comprehensive and in-depth while the movie is obscure, diluted and confounding. By leting the reader to understand what the American Dream means to Duke, it creates a more idealistic reading of what the American Dream is every bit good as it is mentally thought provoking.

As portion of the counterculture of the 1960 ‘s experimentation with drugs became really common, this is seen in both of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.The novel deeply displays Duke ‘s understanding with the 1960 ‘s drug fad really efficaciously while the movie fails to make an sentiment for Duke. For illustration, Thompson describes Dukes ‘ feelings towards Dr. Bloomquist ‘s book Marijuana which includes information like the four provinces of being in the cannabis society: cool, groovy, hip and square The movie nevertheless, does non include these interior feelings and fails to present an sentiment for Duke. For illustration, while Dr. Bloomquist is standing at a dais giving a talk, Duke states his feelings really clearly: +

“Dr. Bloomquist ‘s book is a collection of province Irish bull… Bloomquist writes like person who one time bearded Tim Leary in a campus cocktail sofa and paid for all the drinks… This is the sort of unsafe gibberish that used to be posted, in signifier of mimeographed bulletins, in Police Department cabinet rooms” ( Thompson page 139 ) .

Here Thompson uses strong words like Irish bull and gibberish to do it clear that Duke supports the drug fad. Having Duke support the ingestion of drugs further provokes the thought that drugs should be legalized and that it is justified to devour any drugs of your liking. The movie nevertheless, merely shows Dr. Blomquist giving his presentation, no sentiment from Duke is offered. This transforms Thompson ‘s strongly minded character in to a basic dull, non-opinionated character with no chance to deeply analyze the state of affairs. Therefore, because Duke ‘s feelings are so good portrayed in the novel it becomes more critical towards peoples negative position of drugs unlike the movie which lacks sentiment and the ability of critical analysis.

The Entertainment capital of the universe is renowned for its grownup amusement, casinos, and resorts, all of which, when assorted with drugs can convey out the worst in the metropolis. Thompson develops a negative mentality on Las Vegas ‘ life style where as Gilliam portrays Las Vegas as being socially acceptable. The behaviour which has become acceptable in Las Vegas is exhaustively depicted through public poisoning, provocative gender and drugs in Thompson ‘s novel. Throughout the fresh Thompson creates a negative mentality on Las Vegas by depicting the behavior of his characters at casino bars. For illustration, Thompson describes this alien scene, “ Awful things were go oning all around us. Right following to me a immense reptilian was gnawing on a adult female ‘s cervix, the rug was a blood-soaked sponge-impossible to walk on it, no terms at all “ order some golf places, ” I whispered I do n’t cognize if this is the best illustration ( Thompson pg 24 ) . Be confident in your statements Here the adult female is non t holding her cervix gnawed off, but instead is locked in a provocative embracing. This type of titillating life manner that Thompson writes about has been accustomed to Las Vegas nevertheless, alternatively of depicting it in a positive mode he changes it to look negative by depicting it through Duke ‘s drunk head. In the movie, Thompson ‘s message is diluted due to the ocular daze of seeing a reptile gnawing on a adult female ‘s cervix. Gilliam ‘s movie merely offers the spectator a inexpensive laugh because temper created distracts the spectator from absorbing any kind of review of the state of affairs. Unlike Thompson ‘s elaborate description that allows readers to take a farther analyst into the moral behavior of Las Vegas citizens Gilliam dilutes Thompson ‘s message for the interest of making wit in his movie.

In decision, Thompson ‘s Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas takes an in-depth expression at the American dream, the 1960 ‘s drug civilization, and the Las Vegas life manner that consequences in a idea provoking and academically sound novel, whereas Gilliam ‘s Hollywood reading of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas filtered movie dilutes Thompson ‘s concealed messages and creates a really shallow version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson ‘s descriptive linguistic communication creates a far more complexes narrative line where a reader can foster analyse what they have read and esteem what it is that has been written. The movie ‘s diluted version of Thomson ‘s narrative creates a really thin secret plan line and inactive characters that do non organize sentiments. Overall, Thompson ‘s novel has a far more complex position and victory over the movie version in many ways. Furthermore, Thompson ‘s original narrative line is a far better read than Gilliam ‘s dull and diluted movie.

Hunter, Thompson. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. New York: Random House, 1972.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Dir. Terry Gilliam. Perf.Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro. Rhino Films, DVD.



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