Thirdly, As a single parent, one must

April 21, 2019 Religion

Thirdly, there is the single- parent family. This family is defined as when a single parent lives without his/her spouse, leaving him/her with most of the responsibilities to raise the child or children on their own. A single parent is usually the one who primarily takes care of that child or children. Single parenting is sometimes caused by divorces or separation. Therefore, that child lives with the Primary Parent to raise and take care of them. In today’s society Single Parenting are caused by: Child Abuse, Death of a Partner, Child Neglect, Divorce or Adoption when that single parent doesn’t have a spouse. As a single parent, one must grow a child up in which he/she must be made, and that is giving your life to Christ. Also, Children whose parents participate in religion are found to have better behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development compared to children whose parents did not participate in religion.


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