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April 14, 2019 Religion

This is over and above the usual debate that begins as Diwali approaches every year where one group speaks against the use of firecrackers stating the damage it does to the environment and the other group playing up the religion card saying it is only Hindus who are forced to make compromises in India.

The former group of people are usually tagged “libtards” and “sickulars” — the internet slag for liberals and seculars — and the latter group is tagged “sanghis” — staunch right-wing supporters — when in reality these could be entirely wrong.

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For starters, a “liberal”, by definition, cannot be someone who opposes someone else’s choice. So, logically, those who speak for the firecracker ban cannot be liberals because they are denying someone else’s choice to celebrate a festival the way they want to.

For instance, there could be liberals who actually take liberal stand on issues and hence understand that for some people


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