This Is a Photograph of Me Essay

August 12, 2017 Construction

Margaret Atwood is a celebrated feministic writer who often writes about the battles adult females are confronting in today’s society. In the verse form. “This is a Photograph of Me” Atwood reveals the cryptic individuality of the talker. Atwood uses nature in this verse form to typify the power that the male gender have over adult females today.

Even though while reading the verse form we feel as though we are looking at a exposure. when truly we have a verse form depicting what the exposure would look like. see Atwood’s verse form “This is a Photograph of Me” as an illustration unfastened signifier verse form because she uses the exposure to typify the speaker’s feelings of how she sees herself on the exterior. Atwood uses sarcasm through the rubric of the verse form by taking us believe that she will uncover a exposure of the talker. The sarcasm of the rubric is that the exposure we are presented with in the verse form is non merely a individual exposure of a individual.

It is a exposure of many different intents. since the images of the exposure could hold a deeper significance to each person who reads it. Atwood’s usage of words like “smeared” . “blurred” and “blended” ( 3-5 ) . are words that could be used when depicting the expression of a exposure. Alternatively Atwood uses these peculiar words to depict her feelings towards how she views herself on the exterior. She wanted her reader’s to understand how she was experiencing. even though the usage of these words may hold non become clear to her significance right off.

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After reading this verse form a few times. the significance of theses words will do the reader feel as though Atwood’s character in this verse form felt as though she feels a loss of her individuality. confused and unfocussed. At the same clip the reader may besides believe that Atwood wanted her character to been seen as non recognizable. as though she is acquiring old by utilizing words like she has to depict the expression and feel of the exposure. Atwood does non utilize a construction that is easy noticed in this verse form.

Although the first half of the verse form does non hold a peculiar rhyming strategy the sounds of the words chosen are similar doing it sounds really romantic. Atwood breaks the verse form into stanzas doing it easier to find where the tone and scene of the verse form alterations. The first half of the poem’s tone is really unagitated by utilizing insistent sounds and level brief words. Atwood uses metaphors and similes to uncover inside informations that she may hold been seeking to conceal from her reader’s such as. “ A thing that is like a subdivision: portion of a tree ( balsam or spruce ) …” ( 8-9 ) .

By utilizing a simile. Atwood is linking nature to something doing the reader have to look deeper to happen out what the significance truly is. The writer uses a literary device called imagination by utilizing parts within the exposure to hold a stronger significance by linking it to a feeling. The tone of the verse form alterations when we find out that the image is taken after the talker has drowned. The significance of the verse form alterations at the terminal when the last stanza provinces. “… if you look long plenty finally you will see me” ( 24-26 ) . This gives the reader a clear image that Atwood’s verse form is about seeking for individuality.

Although this verse form has many different subjects the standard subject as in most of Atwood’s verse form was the power she viewed that the work forces had over the adult females in today’s society. The symbolism of the deformation of the exposure is the bad features that people have put on adult females. Atwood uses symbolism of. “… a soft slope…” ( 11-12 ) to the conflicts the adult females have gone through when get the better ofing the prejudices. Another subject that is shown in this verse form is that the talker does non hold many close people in her life. It gives the reader a sense that Atwood is really entirely and isolated from others.

This is shown by the words that are chosen. In the first half when she talks about the ill-defined exposure it makes the reader feel like Atwood is really diffident of how she views herself. which is a feeling every individual has felt in one clip in their life. The verse form is related to the subject of belonging when Atwood’s talker seems to be attached to the house in the exposure. Last Margaret Atwood uses imagination throughout the verse form. “This is a Photograph of Me” . Atwood starts the first half of the verse form by depicting a beautiful house in the background of the image doing the temper happy and even at times romantic.

When she changes the temper of the verse form the reader was non anticipating it and frequently may look that there may be a concealed significance in the narrative. Near the terminal of the verse form. Atwood is seeking to present the message that things are non ever what they seem. It makes the reader realize that sometimes you need to delve farther beneath the surface to happen out the true significance of things. Atwood uses imagination to assist the reader acquire the concealed message. Near the terminal of the narrative after we find out that the talker is dead. she still talks about the exposure as if it is still at that place. and she makes a promise to us that if difficult enough we will see her.

The talker is mentioning to her being beneath the surface. which in this instance is under the H2O. As clip goes on the talker reveals that she has drowned and this is important because the talker has felt like she is non noticed throughout the verse form. By giving the inside informations of the exposure it makes the reader think that the exposure is old. same as how she feels like she is melting. even though she can be seen clearly. Atwood describes the quality of the picture taking to do us seek around the borders every bit good.


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