This the marketing mix, especially on the

February 18, 2019 February 25th, 2019 Marketing

This report will address the importance of the marketing mix, especially on the chosen product that is sold in England and the rest of the world.
Observing the headphones beats Studio3 Wireless, this report will analyze the role of price strategies, segmentation, product life, promotional activities and its competitors.
Today, for people Marketing Often tends to confuse him with the
advertising, which represents only of the many parts at the disposal of the
The American Marketing Association defines Marketing as a functional organization or a set of processes designed to create and communicate
value to consumers so that there are profitable relationships with them that go for the benefit of the organisation and of the stakeholders. Marketing means, then, to analyze the market, to segment customers, deciding on the positioning, introduce new products, choose distribution channels, and fix the prices of the products according to the business strategies, do analysis to measure the the degree of satisfaction of customers and continuously monitor the level of loyalty of the brand (American Marketing Association,com,2018)


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