The World War 1 in the 1920s

March 7, 2019 Communication

This thesis comprises of the World War 1 in the 1920s that occurred after the end of world war. It contains the introduction, the body which explains in details the activities and their impacts. It also explains how the effect of activities those were in the 1920s. It has a conclusion for concluding the thesis.
The World War 1 was the biggest catastrophe in the whole world. In the year 1920, most of the countries that were associated with the war started recognizing the impact of the war. The war was a shook to the whole world but end by signing treaties in both countries that were associated. To end the war, the countries had to sign the treaty in order to keep the peace. The war contributed to the death of many people in the whole world, soldiers and citizen loss they life in the war. The also had the negative impact and also some positive impact on the world. The war led to falling of dynasties and the birth of the nations. The war contributed to the redrawn of the boundaries in 1920s centuries. Despite falling off some dynasties the war resulted in development in some countries. The world war it had impacts on economic, political and social as discussed below.
According to Lears in some countries in 1920, they were rise of political radical particularly to areas that were once part of empires. After the end of world war, the war resulted in positive political impact and negative in 1920. In 1920 under the treaty of Versailles, Germany was supposed to make major territorial concessions (Sharp &Alan, p, 50). Alsace-Lorraine territory which was boarder between the France and Germany was the major concern to solve the disputes that were between the two countries. The area was taken by the Germany from France and France needed it back. The world war in 192- was to solve this dispute on the boundary which was the cause of the war. The war also resulted in the signing of the treaty called Riga this treaty was between the Russia and the Poland which was for the establishment of the border. The emergency of Quota act was developed to restrict the immigration of the southern and the Europe.
In the research of Walters and Francis, in 1920 they were the formation of League of Nations which was to unity countries in the world. In this year the united nation was against the league of the nation because it was not favoring they right which they needed. Due to war and needs for peace, the countries decided to form a league of the nation which was formed in the 1920s. Communism started spreading as a consequence of Bolsheviks victory (Walters, p, 30). Fear of communism resulted in the development of Far-right political movements and fascism. The devastating Wall Street fall this was commonly viewed as a harbinger of the end of prosperity in America and Europe.
The First World War contributed to a lot of changes to the nature of warfare. Technology becomes an essential element in the war, use of high powerful gone, airplanes and the tanks. World war led to increasing of technology in 1920, the new machine for war was invented also industrial and the communication machine was introduced. This machine contributed to the development of industries in many countries. Due to this weapon which was used in the world it resulted in powerful countries like the U.S and Germany. Modern surgery was introduced in 1920 after world war; this was due to the result of the death of many soldiers in the way. This surgery was used to save the life of soldiers which now is the major in the whole sold for saving the life of people. Also, new medicine was discovered after the wars which are now used to treat people.
The end of world war resulted to increase in home ownership especially in Britain and the United States. Due to war in many countries people remained homeless, the houses were destroyed and they were forced to go to the forest. This contributed to the death of many people due to environmental conditions and also some could be by soldiers of another country. After the war ended, in 1920 people decided to look for settlement and this contributed to development in many countries. In 1920 women were now recognizes and given a chance to participate in leadership. The right of women recognized in this years, this was to avoid harassment and discrimination of women in leadership (Chafe &William Henry, p, 20). This was the nineteenth amendment of the constitution in the United States. In the 1920s, Russia civil war comes to an end which resulted in poverty in the country. The Russian country was followed by a famine which contributed to the death of many people; this was because the country had involved in the war for many years hence instability of the government. Famine was another problem after the war which was against other countries which had settled in the economic example in the United States.

In conclusion, despite the world war coming to an end, it left a big scar too many people in the world. The war affected the economic activities resulting to famine in the country like Russia in 1920. Besides having the negatives impact the world war had the positive impact especially to women where they right recognized in 1920 and allowed to participate in leadership while elimination of discrimination. The war leads to the invention of the machine and weapon.

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