This to provide for a family or

This paper is a review of “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America” by
Barbara Ehrenreich. Barbara sees if it is possible to make a decent living by going out and working low wage jobs, she spends a month at each position. Barbara showed that wages are too low to provide enough income to provide for a family or themselves and the work wasn’t worth the money, and made her feel unwanted in society.
Barbara worked three different jobs in the story for an experiment she came up with. One day she met with her editor for lunch, and she mentioned that it would be interesting if someone posted at the low wage workforce to see if you could make a living. Barbara’s editor said that she should do this experiment. So that is precisely what Barbara does, she assumes that she can earn at least 7$ an hour to be able to afford $500-600 for rent and still have money for food. Barbara finds a job at “Hearthside”

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