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August 17, 2017 Management


As the new Human Resource Manager of the company. I have been able to objectively see the state of affairss regulating the organisation as of now. I admit that being new to the company has made me rather nervous about my occupation as I know that I am expected to do amendments and alterations to the present system that may hold caused jobs to the organisation in the yesteryear.

However. through the encouragement that I peculiarly got from the people of the organisation itself. I gained an penetration on the cardinal factors that make up the life every bit good as the possible ruin of the organisation. As I present you with the undermentioned appraisals that I have personally made upon the systems of the company since the twenty-four hours I began my responsibility to the organisation. I would wish to admit the aid that I have peculiarly received from the higher governments of the company as they have chiefly given me the counsel I needed to understand the different facets of development that the organisation really requires. I shall show the said observations and the alterations that I would wish to propose for consideration in a tabular presentation that would be most suited for the intent of this papers

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Area of Concern Issues to Focus Upon

Description of Situation Proposed Solutions

Staffing Hiring new appliers based on the demands of the concern organisations It is of import that the demands for work force are being carefully addressed by the Human Resource Department. However. without due unvarying procedure of staffing. the reconciliation of the employee disbursals with the expected grosss of the concern may non be that clear for experimental intents. I move that the system of engaging be neutralized. This means that merely the figure of people truly needed in different sections of the organisations be hired clip and once more. Without the demand. there is no demand for changeless hiring of new forces.

Policy Review The policies on different employee issues are at some point non centralized ; caput directors of the offices are free of make up one’s minding upon state of affairss based on their ain discretion Because of the fact that the organisational agreement is non centralized. the policies are besides mismatched. doing it harder for departmental directors to manage instances in uniformity.

Due to this ground. directors intend to depend on their ain intuition of the state of affairs in make up one’s minding upon instances. both simple and complex. particularly those refering the issues of the employees. To do the state of affairs much better to bear with. it is ample plenty to accept that there is a demand for the organisational disposal to animate the policies of the company particularly refering company employees’ dealingss and demands every bit good.

Training Employees are of high demand in footings of being trained to make their occupation better for higher company gross from the services that they are offering the society with. Not everyone is able to manage their duties really good. This indicates that there is a demand to assist them recognize their function in the company through preparation. Surely. this attack would be money. but developing the people to go better service crews for the clients of the organisation would non merely guarantee the company of better appraisal consequences from the clients but besides higher return of net income.

Performance Management

Directors are able to pull strings policies on public presentation acknowledgment therefore giving them the opportunity to either hire or end an employee upon their ain land regulations. There is a demand for using more effectual public presentation acknowledgment system Everyone needs to cognize that they are lending good to the company. Evaluation studies are supposed to be handled by the higher direction caputs of each section ; therefore it is mandatory for a leader to manus in observatory paperss to employees in their section to assist them asses their ain public presentation therefore doing it easier for them to better the sort of service that they are rendering.

Wage Practices

The system. being non-centralized at times have late paysheet releases because of other sections directing in their paperss subsequently than the assigned day of the month of entry Everybody needs to be paid on time… Everything needs to be submitted on clip to avoid holds. For this ground. there should be a leeway of readying clip that shall be given to caput directors. but everyone must subject payment paperss on clip ; anyone non following the said policy shall have demerits.

Employee Benefits

Less attending is given to the benefits of the employees Health insurance issues and other benefits such as addition of payment clip and once more Everything must non be neglected. The demands of the employees of being insured and others shall be addressed good and assessed yearly as to how the said demands are being addressed by the organisation scrupulously.

Career Development and Recognition

Less attending is given to “a occupation good done” by several employees in the organisation No award systems available PROMOTIONAL POSITIONS in the company may non be every bit necessary as expected. nevertheless. the reward/award system needs to be strengthened in the system to let acknowledgment of those who are working good and lending enormously to the advancement of the concern.

Employee Retention

Higher hazard is taken by the company by engaging new 1s all the clip and firing the old employees for junior-grade grounds. Open firing of employees without solid land of footing of expiration There should be some appointive evidences for ending employees. It should be learned that retaining old employees is much good than developing new 1s all over once more.

Overall Recommendation:

As per observed. I strongly suggest that the policies and everything else be centralized and uniformed. The chief job in the company is that everyone else think harmonizing to what they know is right therefore make up one’s minding otherwise on different issues of concern. IT is merely through the creative activity of a centralised system of constabularies. regulations and ordinances that the company would be able to decide the issues mentioned above.

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