Thriller is was filmed (2016), as it

February 15, 2019 General Studies

Thriller Genre: short textual analysis
The shallows
The movie ‘shallows’ made in 2016 directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, was filmed at Lord Howe Island, Mount Tamborine in Queensland. (IMDb) The movie is based around the current time that is was filmed (2016), as it was filmed and based on the same time as 2016 it was outlining the fears of what could happen in everyday life. A thriller genres main goal is to provide thrills, excitement and fear, tension usually becomes involved when the character(s) are threatened. Alfred Hitchcock revolutionised genre and introduced thriller, he was the master of suspense, he used people’s nightmares and brought them to life. Codes and conventions are aspects of a movie that help the genera of thriller come to life, through codes and conventions people are able to experience the effects of a thriller genre.
Codes and conventions are used all throughout the tailer of ‘Shallows’ they are used to enhance the thriller genre when the audience is watching the trailer. Codes are things such as colours, sound, camera angles, and weather. During the trailer there is a constant loud noise, making the audience uneasy as they are not sure of what is to come, gives them a sense of curiosity. Different camera angles are also used in a variety of forms throughout the trailer it helps to give off different experiences and emotions for the viewers. Colours are also used, majority of the colours are dark for example the shark and the shadow of it, but these dark colours contrast with the bright vibrant beach giving the feeling of calmness and peace, which misleads the audience.
The conventions are displayed in the trailer through the basic structure, the villain (shark) creating obstacles for the hero (Nancy), villain is then punished and/or killed. The protagonist is straight away obvious as it is Nancy fighting the antagonist which is the shark. With Nancy being an innocent sweet woman we as the audience straight away take her side, not the sharks. The setting of the movie is based around a beach, where we don’t know and the name of it or where its location is, giving us such ideas of what could happen on a remote beach by herself.
Throughout the trailer we are given a rush of different feelings such as, anticipation, anxiety and uncertainty. The codes and conventions used, help to create emotions in the audience such as suspense. The sounds, colours, camera angles all help to build up the suspense they are what help the audience to hang off their chairs, they help to create feelings in us from all these codes coming together. Along with the codes the conventions also play a part as they help us to take sides on who we want to survive, gives someone to relate to and put our interest in. Ultimately making us become involved in the movie. ‘Shallows’ is very effective as a thriller text as it has all the requirements that a thriller movie should have involving all the codes and conventions making us feel the suspense of what’s to come.
The ‘shallows’ movie directed by Jaume Collect-Serra is an effective showcase of a thriller movie, as it reflects all the feelings of fear and suspense through the audience.


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