Through the history of art, you can

April 22, 2019 History

Through the history of art, you can see that since humanity has evolved women have been adored, worshiped, admired and cherished whilst simultaneously been defamed, condemned, raped, abused and murdered. The way in which women are portrayed in art tells the viewers about the status and roles of women in society at that time and the place where men wanted them. Throughout the years, women have been portrayed I art, giving an impression of the perception the artist and culture, they lived in, had of women. In the beginning, art was strongly related around one thing, this portraying the female as the life-giver, there is the impression that in these times women were seen as purely mothers and wives keeping the house clean and the children safe. These days in photography and art women can be seen as a lot more yet sometimes are still seen as just that.


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