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April 19, 2019 Geography

Throughout my school life I have had some positive learning experiences. To this date one learning experience I found very successful and positive was learning Irish and Geography in secondary school. There were several factors that made both these subjects positive for me. I loved doing Irish because it is Irelands native language and I found that being able to speak it fluently was a great opportunity and since I take pride in our Irish culture, I loved the idea of this. I had a good relationship with the teacher and her teaching strategies were great which made it positive also she would give us notes and let us discuss them with each other in Irish which was excellent. Geography was positive for me because I enjoyed learning about different cultures and the world, I live in. I was really motivated and passionate for these subjects also.

Alongside the positive experiences there was also negative ones. I found studying home economics very challenging in my leaving certificate years. This was so challenging for me because I was less interested in these topics and us the students didn’t get much of a say in the class- the teacher did all the talking and decision making leaving us to just listen. I have learned that I am a visual learner so taking notes is very helpful to me but in this class, we weren’t allowed to take notes and we would read from the textbook which made me feel uneasy with the subject.

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