Throughout Scandinavia he still decides to purge

March 12, 2019 General Studies

Throughout the poem “Beowulf”, our main focus is the great hero, Beowulf. A hero is most likely known for possessing traits such as, being strong, being brave, and being loyal to his people; all things that Beowulf expresses to the strongest extent all throughout the poem.

Loyalty or honor are key contributors as to why Beowulf is such an epic hero. In the poem, there is not a single character that is any more loyal than Beowulf. Beowulf demonstrates his loyalty to the country of Scandinavia by insisting on executing the horrid beast Grendel after his massive destruction and massacre at Herot. Even though Beowulf lives quite far from Scandinavia he still decides to purge Herot of evil. He agrees on doing so, due to the fact that King Hrothgar helped out his father, Ecgtheow in a feud many years ago.

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