Tiger Mom

June 21, 2018 General Studies

Tiger Mom After reading the article, I feel very upset by the way things were stated. In my life growing up my mother was very involved in everything that I had chosen to do. Her opinion and expectations of me were very important and close in my mind. My mother was hard on me to a point, however she always knew when something was just too much, or when to let me have my time to be a kid. I feel the way the tiger mom treats her children is somewhat run like a dictator ship.

The children never get to enjoy being kids, they are forced to be adults before their time. China and Japan are known for having very high suicide and early death rates due to stress and depression, and because of these types of things I am beginning to see why. Is having straight A’s and many medals worth someone’s life? Children need time to enjoy their hobbies even if they are not the best at them. They need positive support to keep going not a helicopter mom that does not allow for any mistakes.

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Mistakes are what make us human if we do not make mistakes we can never learn. No one is perfect all the time, and to never let someone fall will only lead them to failure in the future when not everything goes to plan. To not allow the children to socialize with others outside of school will cause them to resent their parents in the future and may lead them to act more destructively as adults. I never thought I would agree with Piaget’s theories, however in this instance it seems appropriate.

Piaget believes that parents should allow their children to learn through their own experiences and take a more hands off approach in order to see the child’s full potential. I agree and disagree with this statement. I feel that Piaget was heading in the right direction with this theory, however I feel that the extent in to which he takes it might be a little too far for parents raising children now. Children growing up in the type of environment provided by the tiger mom I feel may form an avoidant attachment due to the way the mother treats them.

They may never really have a secure attachment with anyone because they are not allowed to socialize outside their family. In our findings we now know that children learn better in a teacher based environment, however we also know that classrooms geared at both child and teacher do even better. Although the tiger mom is an extreme case, I feel that children do need guidance and should be watched over in some ways. I also feel that overall she is a good mom because she does show that she loves her children and is in her mind doing all she can to ensure that her children will have a successful life.

On the flip side, I think she could benefit from allowing her children to have the mixture of time during their day. They need to have some teacher based parts of their day, one being during school, and then at home when it comes to helping in the house etc. , but then they also need that time to be children. When children explore on their own and find their own impendence that’s when they feel the best about themselves. So by making every part of the children’s life be so routine and strict it does not allow for any imagination or sense of fun throughout their whole day.

Part of being a child is to learn from trial and error to make rash decisions and be a little experimenter, when that is taken away success becomes more of a duty than a reward. When a child is doing everything because they have to and nothing is ever done because they want to, life becomes one giant routine instead of an adventure. I feel that in order to be a truly successful parent you need a little bit of the tiger and a little bit of the lamb.


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