Timeline of Historical Events (Prehistoric to Postmodern Era) Essay

October 22, 2017 History

Timeline of Historical Events ( Prehistoric to Postmodern Era ) The events industry started to take form from the prehistoric age where the most crude signifiers of human activity took topographic point. following an enabling experience from evolutionary forms ( Goldblatt 2010. p12 ) . As widely held in historical theories. innovation as a factor of necessity implies that the beginning of most originative ways of doing life easy began as supported by realisation that adult male needed them to last in the altering life experiences. First. the prehistoric epoch events included the outgrowth of Homo sapiens sapiens. the adult male with an enhanced encephalon activity able to back up different high-ranking archpriest intelligence jobs such as tool devising. cultivation of harvests. and domestication of animate beings.

In drumhead. civilisation of Europe and Asia contribute the major events that took topographic point with specific history of the UK. Emergence of early industries based on agricultural civilization supports the beginning of other industries such as metal industry ab initio targeted at tool devising. Demand factors during this epoch must hold been characterized by a nutrient industry such as labour for production ( eif 2011. p3 ) . Second. the Ancient epoch advanced demands included record maintaining. administration. instruction and outgrowth of metropoliss. Demand and supply factors for such activities included nutrient production and instruction as required by the emergent civilisation.

Other related ages in sequence include Middle Ages. High Medieval. Renaissance and Age of Exploration characterized by political and spiritual events earlier precipitated in the Ancient Ages. The Modern Era with a bunch of related epochs such as Puritan Era. Enlightenment Era. Romantic Era. Petroleum epoch and High Modern Era characterized a series of events based on invention. mass industrial production and mass agricultural production. The Postmodern Era beginning in the mid-1900s characterize the information age based on high invention and intelligent operations in production. instruction. direction and administration. diversely referred to as the scientific revolution ( Ackermann et al. 2008. pxxx ) .

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