Tips for Successful Students Essay

August 20, 2017 General Studies

Read Lake and von Baeyer’s article. “Tips for Successful Students. ” Besides. reexamine the features of a successful pupil as explained in the talk. As you consider these. which is your strongest characteristic? Why? How will this characteristic aid you to go a successful pupil in your plan of survey?

While reading the “Tips for Successful Students” article. I found it was of import to maintain an unfastened head and be honest when measuring myself and the features that will do me a better pupil. I tend to be a small difficult on myself. and I understand that there is no 1 perfect manner to larn. survey. or to be a successful as a pupil and in life. There are guidelines. as provided in the reading. nevertheless. each individual much see what works best for them. I do happen that I was in understanding with the information that I read. and there were things listed that I will use to increase my possible for success in this. and future categories. My strongest feature is being 100 % end oriented and really driven to be successful ; nevertheless. undeniably every bit of import. is that I am decidedly an organized note taker.

I frequently get picked on at place for doing lists to maintain organized when making a undertaking. ( including: day-to-day jobs. when to pay measures. assignments. etc. ) . I besides tend to pull off my clip expeditiously because I prioritize everything in my life. ( a feature of being a nurse ) . and I try to maintain my head focused on what I’m making at the minute. I don’t like working on of import things when I am in a negative province of head. or holding a bad twenty-four hours. because I would ne’er be happy with the terminal consequences. I’m ne’er content with making the lower limit and will frequently force myself to make more and more ; hence. one time I’ve completed something. I normally feel confident that it was done to the best of my ability.

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That being said. when it comes to new capable affair I tend to hold trouble with a get downing point. because the sum of information can be overpowering ; this is where my lists normally come in ready to hand. I’m excited to acquire started. and I’m optimistic about this category and the 1s I will hold to take to complete my grade. I will make my best to take what I can from this article. and use it during my educational journey. I look frontward to reading the remainder of the stations. every bit good as any responses to mine.


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