January 25, 2017 General Studies

“Tis bring us through the life of Frank McCourt and shows us the trials and tribulations he and other immigrants faced.

“Tis written by Frank McCourt, is a novel that reflects upon the trials and tribulations he and other immigrants faced. It’s predecessor Angela’s Ashes was the much more popular of the two, but “Tis is worth the same amount of praise (Schenk, 604). These two books will be under heavy criticism for the rest of the time people are reading them. Angela’s Ashes is the first book of the two book series, that explains the pre- American life of Frank McCourt. “Tis provides the reader with the post- Ireland part of his life, which is where his life starts to blossom into something great, something that would effect people for ages to come. I believe some people misread McCourt’s books, and believe him to be complaining about his life (Gwinn, I1). When McCourt is just proud of where he came from and is happy about his final destination. .

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“Tis, on the outside, seems like another addition to the bandwagon of memoirs. Yet it is different, it has a brutal truth to it. McCourt tells us everything in his novel (McCourt, 65). It would be surprising if he did keep a detail to him self. The reason for the brutality of the truth in “Tis is because it was written on the road while touring for Angela’s Ashes (Gwinn, I1). McCourt’s mind couldn’t have been totally into “Tis it had to have been wondering the slightest bit. He definitely shows it because of the lack of praise for “Tis even though most think it deserves more than it got (Schenk, 604). .

“Tis invites the reader into the American life of Frank McCourt. Confused with American culture, McCourt shows every sign of an immigrant fresh off the boat. His first night he didn’t even know the difference between a towel and a floor mat (McCourt). He befriends a priest who he met on his journey to America, who gets him a job, a place to sleep, and later his own room.


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