Tissue Types And Their Functions Health And Social Care Essay

A tissue is a big aggregation of cells that carry out a specific map together. Organisms are made up of groups of different tissues. There are four chief types of tissues, these are: Epithelial tissue, Muscle tissue, Connective tissue and Nervous tissue. These four tissue types each have their ain specific map vital the human organic structure. Because of this, each type of tissue contain cells with specific cell organs appropriate to the tissues map. The add-on, remotion, or adaptation of cell characteristics can impact greatly on a tissue, giving it the belongingss it needs in order to carry through its function in the organic structure.

Epithelial tissue covers the whole of the organic structure ‘s surface. Epithelial cells are packed closely together in one or more beds. Epithelial tissue specialises in covering the organic structure ‘s external and internal surfaces. The epithelial tissue located in the organic structure ‘s interior is known as endothelium. Epithelial tissue can be split into two groups depending on the figure of beds it ‘s composed of. When the epithelial tissue is merely one cell thick it ‘s known as simple epithelial tissue. However if the epithelial tissue tissues is two or more cells thick, such as the tegument, it ‘s known as graded epithelial tissue. Below is an image of an epithelial cell:

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hypertext transfer protocol: //upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ef/Cell_enterocyte.png

The chief intent of the epithelial cell is to protect the surfaces it covers, in some instances nevertheless specialised epithelial tissues are able to take portion in soaking up, elimination, secernment, diffusion, and cleansing. Epithelial tissue has the ability to mend itself this is due to the cellar membrane which is a selectively permeable membrane. The epithelial tissues ability to mend itself is really utile as it comes under changeless wear and tear because of its protective map. The fix procedure requires a batch of protein to be produced, therefore a big unsmooth endoplasmic Reticulum is needed in order to synthesize big sums of protein. The top bed of cells within the epithelial tissue is frequently keratinised, doing it stronger and more immune to damage.

The karyon within the epithelial tissue cells are able to alter form depending on the overall form the cell construction will take on. The karyon does this in order for the epithelial cells to suit closely together. Epithelial cells can besides incorporate extremities known as cilia, depending on the tissues map. Cilia are frequently found in epithelial tissue located in countries such as the pharynx. Cilia waft the mucous secretion with in the pharynx, cut downing limitation and construct up.

Muscle tissue

There are three types of musculus tissue: Smooth musculus tissue, skeletal musculus tissue and cardiac ( bosom ) musculus tissue. The chief map of musculus tissue is to make motion of, and in the organic structure.

A big of sum of energy is needed within the musculus tissue due to its map, motion. This energy comes from ATP which is made within the tissues cells. Because of this musculus cells contain a huge sum of chondriosome which is responsible for making ATP. The big figure of chondriosomes agencies huge sums of ATP can be produced and so converted into kinetic energy needed for the musculus motion. Muscle tissues need to be hardy and resilient due to the sum and type of motion carried out by the cell. This is accomplished by the cell membranes of the musculus cells, known as the sarcolemma. Smooth musculus tissue controls slow, nonvoluntary motions. Skeletal musculus tissue is responsible for the motion of the assorted castanetss of the skeleton. Cardiac musculus tissue is found merely on the Black Marias walls, it shows features of both smooth musculus tissue and skeletal musculus tissue. Cardiac musculus tissue is responsible for the contraction of the atria and cysts of the bosom. Below is an image of Muscle tissue:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/images/muscle_anatomy.jpg

Muscle tissue is strong due to its outer bed of collagen fiber, which covers the interior bed known as the plasma membrane. Muscle tissue needs to be able to contract to execute its map. To make this Ca is needed. The Ca needs to be stored within the cell and transferred when needed. The Ca needed is packaged and kept in the cells sarcoplasmic Reticulum this is an organelle similar to the SER. The cytol of musculus tissues, called sarcolemma, is alone because it contains big atoms of animal starch ( storage of energy ) and has a high concentration of Ca. This enables the musculus to contract expeditiously

Connective Tissue

Connective tissue can be found within and throughout the human organic structure, taking on many signifiers changing on its map. Whether its sinews and castanetss, or blood and tegument. Below is an illustration of connective tissue:

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.connectivedynamics.com/images/connective_tissue.jpg

The chief map of connective tissue is to back up the human organic structure and link together different types of tissues. Connective tissue normally has scattered cells throughout an extracellular matrix. Connective tissues are composed of three chief types of cells: Fibroblasts, Macrophages, and Mast cells.

Fibroblasts are responsible for making an extracellular matrix within the tissue, this gives the connective tissue snap needed so the tissue can stretch and so return to its original form when needed. Collagen and proteins largely do up the matrix supplying strength to the tissues every bit good as flexibleness. Macrophages are cells that come from blood cells and clean any

Foreign atoms present through the procedure of phagocytosis. The concluding primary cell type is the Mast cell. The mast cell communicates with the organic structure ‘s blood chemically, teaching it when to coagulate its blood, or inflame peculiar tissues. Mast cells provide the connective tissues with critical reparative belongingss that are needs when harm takes topographic point.

Nervous tissue

Nervous tissues are built of nervus cells. The chief map of the nervous tissue is relaying electrical urges from one are in the organic structure to another, collection, directing and pull offing information from country to country. Below is a diagram of a nervus cell:

File: Complete nerve cell cell diagram en.svg

The nervous tissue is made up of particular nervus cells called neurones. Neurones transmit urges at a really fast rate and are easy stimulated. The three chief neurone types are: Centripetal neurone, Motor neurone and connection neurones. Nervous cells are built of a criterion cell organic structure, contain cell cell organs such as ; nucleus, nucleolus, chondriosomes, ribosomes, cell membrane and cytol. The Golgi setup nevertheless is somewhat different, non merely can it treat and box proteins it can besides treat and box neurotransmitters.

At either terminal of the cell organic structure are bulges. One of these bulges is known as the axon, this is a nervus fiber that attaches to the haoma, transporting urges off from it. The axon has a specially adapted membrane that can link with the membrane of a targeted cell, allowing urges be carried into it. These connexions are known as synapses. The dendrite which stems from the other terminal of the haoma, works otherwise to the axon, picking up urges from environing neurones and conveying it to its ain haoma.

A stuff made of protein and fat known as the medulla sheath, acts as a sheath around the axon of a nervus cell. Its primary maps are to protect and insulate the nervus fiber, halting urges go forthing he cell from wrong countries, and besides increase the velocity of the urges. Ranvier are regular spreads that are located along the sheath, these Lashkar-e-Taiba foods and waste enter and leave the neurone. They besides let the urges move along the neurone itself.

These characteristics are what give the nervous tissue the ability to direct information to different countries of the organic structure and organize bodily maps leting the organic structure to transport out its intended intent



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