December 31, 2016 History

The History of the RMS Titanic Reincarnated by The Titanic.

On April 15, 1912, one of the largest cruise ships ever built, the RMS Titanic, sank to the bottom of the sea after colliding with an iceberg. In 1997, James Cameron and a 200 million dollar budget created a romantic epic about this tragedy entitled The Titanic. By comparing the actual RMS Titanic to the ship in the movie The Titanic, by James Cameron, we can see that the movie gives a very historically accurate account of the ship from its design and furnishings to its actual sinking. .

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From the 7/8 model built to the exact specifications of the real ship to the furnishings put in the model, James Cameron strived for historical perfection. With a budget of over two million dollars and a set built to exact specifications, The Titanic was the most expensive movie ever made to this day. According to Peter Waal, author of “The Making of James Cameron,” Cameron explained spending more than 100 million dollars over budget to Fox Century executives by stating that the scale of the movie was proportional to the scale of the event. Indeed, it was; Cameron built an almost exact replica of the RMS Titanic. Also according to Waal, the RMS Titanic was recreated on a 7/8 scale and put into a million gallon seawater tank to make everything more realistic and accurate. Cameron also put a lot of thought into the detail within the ship as well. According to Janet Maslin, a writer for the New York Times, Cameron persuaded the original carpet manufacturers the recreate an 18,000 square-foot section of the original weave to be used in the movie. Each set was precisely made to match detailed photos taken on board the ship during its voyage. Cameron also reproduced the original silver White Star Line ashtrays and placed them in various sets. Cameron’s goal was to recreate as much of the ship as he could to produce a historically correct movie.


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