Human rights

May 5, 2019 Philosophy

To date, a variety of dictionaries, articles and research papers you can find various definitions of this concept, reducing them to “equal opportunity to meet their basic needs,” or, somewhat broader, to “the capacities, powers, possibilities of human action in a certain, specified in the law field.” Professor of philosophy Brian Orend believes that “human rights” as a rule, are moral rights enshrined and protected from all, especially from those who run social institutions.”The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “the basic rights which it is generally considered all people should have, such as justice and the freedom to say what you think.” We now turn to more detailed definitions. For example, big law dictionary defines human rights as “the concept characterizing the legal status of the person in relation to the state, its possibilities and ambitions in the economic, social, political and cultural spheres… prevailing in the modern world conceptions of human rights are natural and inalienable.”The encyclopedia Britannica States that “human rights are rights that belong to an individual due to the fact that he is a man. They are associated with a wide continuum of values, and in some ways is still inherent in all human beings.” Human rights largely depend on the needs and capabilities of the person. In other words, human rights are rights necessary for a decent and dignified human life and adequate development of the personality.

Human rights belong to all people and exist until there are people. Both are integral and cannot be separated. “Human rights is a concept that is closely associated with the concept of freedom, a concept that reflects the dignity of the human person, and a claim to possess specific features to make the life of this person is really worthy. Human rights are both a characteristic of the relationship people-government and limitations on government over man.”

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This definition seems the most complete and sufficient available obyasnili essence we are interested in the concept, the content of which is constantly re-created in the process of communication about human rights.


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