To Kill a Mocking Bird Athor Research Paper

May 1, 2018 History

Using personal experience to express how she responded to the case in her writing, made it easier to write about and not only was it easy but she enjoyed writing at the same time. During the roaring sass, women’s role in society was not highly respect as though it is today. For Lee writing this novel during the ass meant she had to be a very strong and outspoken person. Even as a child, she was brave and willing to speaking out against anything that wasn’t right. As she acquired more knowledge of the society she was apart of, Lee slowly realizes that society she believes to be somewhat wrong was completely wrong.

Not only were blacks treated wrong but also women had no rights. Through the years developing her writing skills she chose to speak about the most escarpment social problems of America racism and social injustice. Witnessing the events of the Stubborn trial and personal problems being a women writer defending blacks, inspired her to write the case Of Tom Robinson in TO Kill A Mockingbird. Having gained that experience it allowed her to have exact details that she was able to incorporate in to her form of expression, while writing.

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Lee was the kind of writer that was clear and concrete. Over the years of writing for her farther at the newspaper post in Alabama and continuing on in college she found many styles of writing but she was drawn more to her ability to capture every aspect of detail that she had ever seen or experience and this is evident as you read To Kill A Mockingbird, Christmas to Me, Love-Len Other Words, When Children Discover America. Several racist and prejudice events influenced her writing style completely.

Having so many personal experiences in her life, When she began writing to kill a mockingbird she took five years to gather all of her thoughts and to get them on paper and when she was finished something had happened that provoked her to, “threw open a window and scattered five years of work out the window’ (To Kill a Mockingbird Reader’s Guide – About the Author) the reason why is still unknown till this day. The accumulation of Five years to write to kill a mocking bird gave her an advantage because having so many details made writing so such easier.

Writing was something she found joy in, working for her farther at first, then college, and the back with her farther just aided in making the choice to be a writer easier. Harper lee wrote comedy skits while in college for her new;spare club, as she developed in to a promising writer. Standing up for what was right made everything all the more enlightening for Lee. Even as a child Lee love to speak out against things that wasn’t right and she wasn’t afraid to defend her thoughts and how she felt especially if she was correct, or instance when she was younger “unruly tomboy. She fought on the playground.

She talked back to teachers. She was bored with school and resisted any sort of conformity’ (To Kill a Mockingbird Reader’s Guide – About the Author) she was always bold and leper. She began to write more about the social injustices that was proceeding in her town. Anyone who has read to kill a mocking bird and remembers how tough, outspoken, and brave scout was and know a little amount of back ground on Harper Lee would know that they are the same exact person they have the same similarities; how they suspend to people, the friend that was in and in out there life as a child, both was outspoken, and unafraid.

They were so similar that, “The character of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird would have liked her. ” (To Kill a Mockingbird Reader’s Guide – About the Author) While writing this novel and adding a piece of herself made it all the more pleasurable. Harper lee wrote many books but to kill a mocking bird was her best work it tells a piece of her life and how she feels about racism, social injustice and prejudice acts on blacks.

Authors generically add pieces of their history to their stories because of readability, knowing that piece of information is valid, also having experience those events allows them to gain their readers trust. Being a part of the Stubborn trail watching it as it progressed made the difference in Lee’s writing. She wrote to express how she felt, which made writing easier and while she was writing she enjoyed it. Writers add a peace of them self to find peace and to empower their stories so that when they release their work to the readers they have a chance to be enlighten by the life the author have had.


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