To Kill a Mockingbird: Book vs Movie Essay

October 7, 2017 General Studies

Books and films of books all have many similarities and differences. To Kill a Mockingbird is no different when it comes to the book and the film. In this essay I will be explicating the similarities and differences between the two. There are many similarities between the book and the film of To Kill a Mockingbird. First of all. Tom Robinson died get awaying from prison in the film and the book. I think Tom’s decease was a really of import portion of the narrative. Another thing that was the same with the book and film was how the kids were fascinated with Arthur Radley ( Boo ) . and how Boo was fascinated with the kids.

Boo would go forth the kids gifts such as dolls. a ticker. and gum in the tree in his pace. This captivation between the kids and Boo was why the kids had such an imaginativeness. The kids thought Boo was a creeper who came out at dark to eat cats and squirrels. Another similarity is that the African American community of Maycomb showed Atticus a batch of regard. The fact that they showed Atticus regard was of import to the kids. The sad narrative of Tom Robinson taught the kids the wrongs of racism.

Plus one of the subjects of the narrative is racism. and without that the narrative would non be the same. A immense difference between the book and the film was that Aunt Alexandra was non in the film. Lookout did non like Aunt Alexandra because Aunt wanted Scout to move more lady-like. Toward the terminal Aunt became more of a female parent to Scout and reassured her that Jem was non dead. Even though the film went on without her. she should hold been in it. The fact that Mrs. Dubose was non in the film but in the book was another difference. Mrs. Dubose was of import to Jem’s life.

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Jem did non like her because she ever harassed Scout and Jem and insulted their male parent. When Jem lost his pique. he tore up Mrs. Dubose’s flower garden. His penalty was to read to Mrs. Dubose to assist her interruption her dependence. Finally she died and Atticus gave Jem a lesson in what it means to hold bravery. This whole thing was cut out of the film. Atticus’s quotation mark on bravery was one of the most of import things in the book. Through reading the book and watching the film I have found many differences and many similarities. I told you a few of each so that you could hold your ain sentiment.

My sentiment is that the book was better. but I found myself lost in certain times. For case. it took me a long clip to calculate out that Tom Robinson was an African American. But that was likely because I was woolgathering while reading. So if you are like me so you would be better off watching the film because so you would understand things quicker and they would do sense to you. As for me. being a woolgatherer and all. I still prefer the book because that’s where you get the whole narrative and non merely the bulk of the narrative.


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